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Thursday, August 05, 2010


Good God! What was I on when I filmed this sh*t?!


3CB said...

OH MY GOD!!! Yaani you've won. YOU'VE WON!! I shall laugh for years and years. This is even better than the Twilight Blade picture! I need to find a way to record this before you take it down! Man!!!

PS: I'm concerned that you actually know all the words. Even I don't know all the words!

|d®| said...

What can I say - Rock does that to me sometimes! There's something about that song that resonates within me.

Glad you like it tho!

NiKolaS said...

er, looks like you were on overstayed pasta, that must be it, there was even green stuff growing on that motherfather. *dead*

Anonymous said...
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|d®| said...

That's entirely possible. Maybe I'd discovered something I'd forgotten in the fridge, seeing how there's no food in it!