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Tuesday, August 03, 2010


And now, a quick pictorial update. You know how I do.


*sigh* I'm getting lazy. All I do after work is this: sit on the couch, catch up with my geek/car stuff on the web & watch TV. At least I did this today, for the first time in months.

What can I say - I can't seem to get away from traffic violations. I see they're real sneaky in the Baltimore area, taking pictures & sh*t. The tag was clearly displayed - amazing photography in what must've been milliseconds, and at night too. *sigh* I really need to slow my ass down.

Hands down the best movie I've seen this year, maybe ever. I mean that. Go ahead, watch it. It'll f*ck with your mind.

Shawty looking like a little boy in my clothes. I would've posted some of the other poses she attempted to strike, but I'd be a dead man.

Lil' cuz during her short modeling stint. Word to the wise: Modeling agencies are the devil.

Have a good hump-day. Literally, hopefully.


3CB said...

Nice knees ;-)

|d®| said...

Ha ha! Haven't heard that one before!

misterNV aka Cloudvillian aka Samuel Kivuitu's Conscience said...

Damn, traffic citations in the States are thorough! hehehe.. SO I'm currently downloading "inception", cant wait to watch it and see what all the fuss is about.
In the meantime, good to see you're back to playing hoops!
My regards to "shawty" :-)

|d®| said...

Trust me, Inception will be worth it. Hope you get a high quality torrent.

Yeah, trying to get back in shape. I discovered muscles I didn't think I had - hurts like a mug. You still doing the jogging thing?

Anonymous said...

you are so in trouble!!!

|d®| said...

I'm a dead man.

NiKolaS said...

Shorty looks er nice?

what are your knee doing in this post?

well you were 'just' 12 over right? double would have been er.. high. hehhe.

Inception, hio ni nini? i shall catch it soon as i can. Could a fisi like me see more of the er cousin? this is pre-inspection as we check whether goats and other livestock might make the crossing.

ok clearly i am way too me so i shall sign off here before i am on the receiving end of a well appointed bat or similar implement. hehehe.

|d®| said...

I was actually 14 over, but who's counting? [Ha ha!] Let's just say I'm a lucky SOB, coz I saw the flash capture the car in front of me, and I may or may not have slowed down quite a bit.

What're you waiting for? Find that torrent! Inception is a kick-ass movie.
[Wait, should I be getting paid for promoting it, as much as I've been doing that?]

Sorry dawg - I'd usually [probably] consider helping out with the cousin, but her boyfriend would kick my ass.