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Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Life's the great teacher, they say. Ain't that the truth - been taught a lesson or two these past couple of months, which is part of the reason I've been nowhere to be found lately. But things are changing and they're quite interesting. Sometimes anyway.

For one, these days I get up and the sun's actually out. I know that's because it's summertime, but nothing beats waking up to natural light.

Then, I've made a habit of eating breakfast for a change, and that makes all the difference in the world. For the life of me, I don't know how I managed all those years without breakfast, and on one lousy meal a day too.

And now for the best part: I can finally choose how to get to work most days. Will it be the quiet, nimble Mazda or the loud, creaky Mitsubishi with 2 ginormous speakers in the trunk? It's great to be able to choose. Now that's what I'm talking about.

Then, at work, I hardly realize I'm working these days coz I'm fully absorbed in my music. With Kanye West's new album around the corner, Eminem's & Drake's new ones blazing the charts, Luda acting a fool as always, not to mention fresh new talent like J. Cole, Bruno Mars, Janelle Monae & B.O.B., the workday is pretty much in my subconscious these days. Now that's really what I'm talking about.

All in all, ladies and gentlemen, sh*t is coming together. Wish me luck that I stay the course, and that I get back to blogging on the regular like I used to. My bad to everyone who's tried to holla at me and I was M.I.A. - I owe you one.


3CB said...

à la Ma$e ... welcome back, welcome back, welcome back ... do stay :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, OK .. Good stuff and everything! Now, have you read the new Jack Reacher: 61 Hours? Saw that and thought of you!

Enjoy summer - I miss Spring *Sigh*

Cloudvillian aka MisterNV and I approve this message said...

à la Rakim.. "its been a long time.."

Good to see you all optimistic and all. Catch you later man!

|d®| said...

>3CB: Glad to be back, thanks.
And that's Rev. Ma$e to you!

>As a matter of fact, I've read it! I went to dude's website & was like: What? There's a new one?! And since I'm these days [ahem!] Kindle-ing, I downloaded and devoured it. Read it yet?

>Mister NV: Good look, man. I'll go see what you've been up to & comment appropriately.