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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hot damn, don't know what's wrong with me today. I'm losing it, as the Rock City boys said; I'm lost like Gorilla Zoe. Maybe the dreary weather has something to do with it, but I feel as convoluted as Salvador Dali must've been.
[Google or
Bing some of his paintings. Dude's certifiable.]

Once again, music came to the rescue, in the form of some new cat on the Hip-Hop scene known as Drake. Well, he actually isn't exactly new; I remember watching his video a couple of years back, in some joint he had with Trey Songz.

Not to be all over his nuts, but dude's good. I'm sure everybody and their mama has heard his 'Best I Ever Had' joint coz it's all over the airwaves, but what did it for me was when he performed with Jamie Foxx on Conan O'Brien a few days ago.

Let me break it down: he wrote lyrics for Jamie Foxx's remix, and less than 24 hours later he was on the national stage with Jamie performing those same lyrics on O'Brien's show, and he killed it. Talk about clutch. I'm not too crazy about the song, but Drake really put it down.


Hip-Hop quote of the day:

"Formally it ain't a question
We would cross paths like an intersection
But you just too far away for affection
So I pray that we never lose the connection
Coz I remember Stacy
She used to hate me
She used to threaten she had a man to replace me..."

Drake in Jamie Foxx's Digital Girl, the remix


cloudvillian™ said...

Good lookin'.. havent heard this one before. No doubt man, Drizzy is def that dude, atleast right now. The more I hear this kid's wordplay, the more I believe them rumours that he ghostwrote for Weezy on da Carter..

|d®| said...

You might have something there. Weezy is sometimes alarmingly inconsistent with his lyrics; sometimes he just straight sucks. e.g. in Khaled's 'So Hood' remix.

But yeah, Drake's wordplay is like that. I'm now officially a fan.

gishungwa said...

Watched Drake on Conan and became an instant Fan.

|d®| said...

Word - Drake's real good. Heard a couple more of his joints, and if he keeps it up he could be one of the greatest.