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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It's days like these, when I get back to the crib close to 11pm, that I wonder whether life is really worth it, especially considering that I've been up since 5.45 or thereabouts. I long for the comparatively laid-back Kenyan lifestyle; this sh*t here is crazy, an early sentence to the sanatorium.

But I'm a big boy, I'll live. Besides, I've Peter to keep me laughing. Not to mention some throwback clips of some of the wacky things I did back in the day. Feel free to peruse them at will.

[Pep talk to self:] And you know what, despite how much life sometimes sucks, it's not that bad. At least I can laugh for free.


Loco said...

Don't fret! It's called the rat race and most of us are caught up in it! :-) We'll soon be out Inshallah!

nikolas said...

hopefully it is worth it when someday you shall be at a loss of what to do with your time. i can wish right?

|d®| said...

>Loco: Yeah, it sucks. But then again, I'd rather be busy than the alternative. Only the downside is, by Friday evening I'm a virtual zombie. At least I don't work or go to school weekends tho, thank God.

>Nikolas: You got that right - too much time wasted doing nothing constructive sucks. I once went on vacation for 2 weeks and was sick of the idleness after a week. All I did for days was sleep, get up, eat, party all night long and sleep again. After 1 week I'd had enuff!