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Monday, January 12, 2009


Here are some things I've been doing. Well, seeing:


I knew these things were popular but dang, they seem to grow on trees. What's this - buy one, get one free?

*Slapping forehead*
Took me the better part of a decade, but I finally discovered that this is America's version of maziwa mala/lala.

Lil' cuz doing his b-ball thing. Dude is sick - scored half the total points that day. Showoff. [Alright, I'll admit it - I'm jealous. And, most of all, intimidated; the student is indeed better than the teacher.
But he'll never hear that from me, never!]

Gotta have a lot of time on your hands to prune your hedge like this.

I've heard of choking the chicken, but is this stroking the leather?

Some dude I know just got this vintage 'Vette in pristine condition.
You should hear it roar. Sick.

Stuck in the Fort McHenry tunnel in Baltimore for a full half hour. Couldn't help but think about the water overhead exerting millions of pounds of force, looking for a single fissure to break through....

Pet peeve - opening up a package with its contents all wrapped up in shredded paper. It makes such an unholy mess.

One of the rare instances when I'm actually on the other side of the road when there's an accident. The fire trucks had blocked all the traffic on that side of the highway.

New rubber on the Slo-Z, some Falkens. Awesome in the dry but not so great in the wet. Can't wait for these to get worn so I can get back to the tried-and-true Kumhos.


Hip-hop quote of the day:

The ones ready to freak off don't need no romance
They belong to the sisterhood of the traveling pants

Talib Kweli feat Norah Jones in Soon The New Day


Anonymous said...

Funny enough I have never done the buttermilk thing, and with all the chemicals they put in stuff here I am in no rush to.
The Prius is the car of choice for white folk I tell you!
I bet you stroked that leather well lol.
Seems the ATL isnt the only place with bigtime traffic traps.
Hmmmmmmm that reminds me I need new tyres.

Anonymous said...

those treads look like the ones mine car is rocking, Nankang, they rock. wet or dry, no aquaplaning.

thanks for the laughs, those pics made my evening.

how are you doing |d®|?

|d®| said...

>Aco: Chemicals additives notwithstanding, that mala is the sh*t. A single sip instantly teleported me back to a small village in Maragua!

You got jokes, I see, about the leather. My boy, in the pic, gave up stroking it after a while tho. He said it was too hairy. lol!

>31337: Doing good, what can I say. I'm breathing, and that's all that really matters. How're you?

Glad u enjoy those Nankangs. These here are great in the wet while moving straight ahead. Turn the wheel tho and they push, but very predictably, so they're not all bad. Still, the Kumhos were way better.

KK said...

Sup dude... Glad to see u made it thru the year. Took me a while to figure out the cultured-mala connection. Was in heaven when I finally did. Love to mix it with mango pulp to make Mango Lassi.

I've had similar thoughts when stuck in that tunnel... and all other underwater tunnels. Talk of faltering faith.

|d®| said...

I just might jock your style & try make that lassi. That sh*t is good.

I try and have tunnel vision [yes, I crack myself up] while driving through those tunnels. All I will myself to see is the other side. What can I say, it's a perfectly logical form of claustrophobia.

Anonymous said...

i shall be replacing my nankangs in a year but a pal is also looking for a new set of tyres so ishall suggest the kumhos so that i can cop a feel of them so to speak *dead* see you are not alone i keeeeel self too. *a little more dead*

i am fabulous, thanks for asking. cheers.

|d®| said...

Cop a feel - I likes that. Couldn't have put it better.

Highly recommend the Kumhos, specifically the Kumho Ecsta SPT or AST. SPTs are better.

Have a good weekend. I'm sure you will, thanks to the iPhone!