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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


It hit me the other day that America’s irreversibly changed me, and I hope for the better.

In the [in]famous words of Ron Burgundy in Anchorman:
"When in Rome.

The most profound change is in my speech. Like, Shawty the other day was cracking up when, instead of saying that I want to grow an afro and stick a comb in it, I said that I wanna grow a fro so I could stick a pick in it. Granted, that isn’t that drastic a difference but trust me, I’d never have put it like that 5 years ago.

But that’s the least of the little things that’ve changed about me. I can’t entirely credit – or blame for that matter – America for the changes; growing up has a lot to do with it. But I still have a lot of 'wana'; I’m a big ol’ kid. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I can get real silly sometimes, but I sometimes wonder if that’s more detrimental than beneficial.

Like, the other day, I went to some gathering and bumped into a bunch of my former college-mates. Most of them, if not all, are married with a bunch of kids, and that made me wonder whether my perennial youthfulness is holding me back in some way coz truth be told, I haven’t even considered marriage, let alone kids. Dude, if there ever was a contraceptive, the fear of having kids is it. I love them but they’re a full-time job, a mortgage if you will. Life is so blissfully uncomplicated without them. But they’re so much fun tho, so maybe the kids ‘bug’ will hit me years later.

*gasp* I cringe at the thought.

But change is good. Think Web 2.0. Think bottled water. Heck, think Obama. Embrace it.

**Nip/Tuck is back on today! Praise be!**


Hip-hop quote of the day:
"You can pay for school but you can’t buy class."
Jay Z on T.I.'s Swagga Like Us


Acolyte said...

I'm with dude! I look at facebook and see ole chic pals in the family way and dudes playing daddy.
Kids just aren't my thing and there is no way you can get hitched to a mama and tell her you aren't feeling the kids thing.
Let us know when the bug bites!

|d®| said...

Yup, everyone be on Facebook looking like the Brady Bunch!

Nah, no kids yet. I can barely take care of myself!

Anonymous said...

@Acolyte - Future hubby is the one going all gaga about babies - even saying that he will take care of 'it' for us. I am still going 'Me?' So there!

Otherwise how goes life, people?

@>d - I have a book by Jon Stewart that has declared self in some quarters insane cos of the laughter it elicits. Should let you borrow same. Enjoy 2009.

|d®| said...

You've got jokes, whoever you are. He'll take care of 'it' for y'all? Too funny!

What! Let me hold that Jon Stewart, please! Hit me up on e-mail.

Anonymous said...

@>d - You is gonna get your fine self to FreezeTown - where they even freeze coffee for beans (or is that the other way round?) - pun, and everything else, intended - and I aint even apoligising for any of it (clue number 17 on 'do you still get it, or do we need to make Lee Child write another book to clue you in? Routine)to get a hold of 'America' by J Stewart book.

Oh, just for the record - 24 is back - for those of us that are geekified like that, Shoot Us - better still, don't, cos Jack is gonna get you to 'put your weapon down' faster than you can say 'Tony'.

|d®| said...

See, I had a nagging suspicion it was you this whole time but your mentioning Child and FreezeTown, not to mention your spelling 'apologiSing' right, confirmed it.

[I can only imagine how it must be over there, the only place I've ever been to that froze my toes - and I had boots and thick socks on.]

And best believe I'm all over 24; Mr. Bauer's crazy.
Funny, though, how the [other] villain is English but with an American accent, though his goons sound British. Deliberate twist or gross oversight?

Anonymous said...

Trust me, I was going all crazy about his American accent, I hate when they do that. SAS? I can get you a bona fide SAS (pronounced SASS, in case you wondered)agent with a 'cockney twang' to play a villain on 24 for no pay. Dang, get Vinnie Jones - and he aint even gonna have to talk - the look on his face will have Jack going 'Chloe? I am sending you his scowl to crosscheck with GCHQ 'n shit'.
Just saying. Is it me or are we getting a tad predictable on the ol' 24? It has been 4hrs and the only surprise has been resurrections of .. script or the undead? Ok, I shut up!

On another note, FreezeTown needs a new name- and weather. I have abs to prove that shoveling is the new 'gym', and that is when the 'Governator' over here aint telling you 'do not leave your home'- D'uh! dude.

Best believe I am still anonymounting myself :D

|d®| said...

Chloe's temperament is akin to that of a pressure-cooker's. And Vinnie as the villain? Now that would be something. Dude is positively menacing, a juggernaut.

It snows over there? I've heard of that phenomenon; it used to happen here.

Shoveling - the quick way to make a skating rink. To get your driveway or sidewalk back, just add salt.