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Monday, June 16, 2008


I think I will dub this Stupid-Funny Movie Week, thanks in no small part to a movie I watched this past Sunday.

But it all started on Saturday. No, scratch that - the Saturday before last, when the Beantown crew & I watched Super Troopers, though yours truly had watched it like 10 times prior. I never tire of those State Troopers. This past Saturday, though, Shawty & I were perusing the titles at the movie rental spot. I hadn't rented a movie in forever so I was pleasantly surprised to see an abundance of stupid-funny movies that I haven't watched yet, movies such as Semi-Pro [Will Ferrell is a nut], Witless Protection, Meet the Spartans, Strange Wilderness, and a couple more.

[Can't wait for Mike Myers' new one to get out - I forget its title. It seems hilarious, in the same caliber as the Austin Powers movies.]

But what prompted this to be my Stupid-Funny Movie Week was the movie I saw on the big screen this Sunday - Zohan. Silliness galore. [Watch the trailers if you can; you'll see what I mean] Adam Sandler is ├╝ber-funny in this one, though it ends in his typical happily-ever-after fashion. Still, I highly recommend it, if silly movies are your thing.

So D, this one here is for you, as whacky as your sense of humor is. And that goes for you too, CK. And you, and you, and you.


Anonymous said...

i only watch weighty movies dealing in heavyweight stuff. really 3? ok i give in. anything with, or without, a storyline is game. i shall catch a silly one this evening, off to search for one on my lib's website. [talk about peer pressure...]

|d®| said...

Now that's the spirit! Mindless entertainment is therapeutic.

Weighty stuff? Like Hotel Rwanda weighty?

Anonymous said...

that was some movie! and then some. then there is madagascar, cars, i love animations, mostly and then the independents. candy. then what did you think of juno?

|d®| said...

Juno is hilarious - loved it. That girl is so refreshingly witty!

Like animations too. Madagascar - felt sorry for the lion, forced to eat seaweed & stuff for a spell. Funny stuff.

Kung-Fu Panda is supposedly good too; might try & catch that.

Anonymous said...

Just to put this out there...U DO NOT KNOW ME...p.s I did watch Zohan and it was funny...so put some humus on that homes!

|d®| said...

*sigh* Need we perpetuate this? The sooner you realize that I know you betta than you know yourself, the sooner we can get things poppin'! lol!

ps: That 'Thank you for calling Hezbollah' part had me rollin'.