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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Technology is amazing. Can't even keep up with it these days -it's ridiculous how many new technologies there are out there. Like, I was reading up on the world's first mass-produced fuel-cell car with amazement. Lord knows what they'll have in a few decades, as fast as they're making strides in nanotechnology. Wait till , especially, CERN's gargantuan particle accelerator is up and running.

And, as I discovered the other day, CDs, DVDs and similar media might soon go down the path of the 8-track. Here's why:

That right there is the latest player in the car.

[The one I had prior to this could even read DVDs and stuff but it was cheap: as in unintuitive, unrefined and yes, inexpensive. It damn near drove me insane.]

This one tho is by Kenwood, an intuitive deck that plays MP3, WMA & AAC formats, as well as HD radio. It has 3 pre-outs and a dedicated subwoofer output. Ladies & gentlemen, those 4V pre-outs push out so much juice to the amplifier the bass has to be felt to be believed - sweetness. It's also got a 3.5mm input jack to connect to whatever.

Most importantly tho, it has a USB port that can read virtually any USB device including flash & portable drives, iPods, even a USB Bluetooth adapter.

I'm all about the music tho and that's all I need it for, so I have it hooked up to a portable drive, below. Either that or the flash-drive. Works beautifully. Chances are I might never have to use a CD again, ever.

Now to re-route & hide all those cables; I like 'em neat & tidy. Take that any way you will.

In other news, game 6 of the NBA finals is tonight. The Celtics better bring it this time around. In a perfect world though, I'd rather the Lakers won tonight, only to be crushed in game 7 on Thursday. The victory for the Celtics would be so much sweeter, the defeat so agonizing for the Lakers. Either way, it's bound to be plenty exciting.


dcm said...

cds,dvds are on their way out..atleast according to nairobi mathrees...music audio/video is played using ipods!cd changers will become obsolete soon...front loaders are the in thing coz of the ka-auxiliary point.mathree za 23,44 are using this nowadays...not to mention 30inch+ screens kwa nissan minivan!

>d® said...

Mats using iPods?! 30" screens?! Hot damn!

I think I've been gone too long.