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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


The human is a fascinating creature, to say the least. It’s fascinating trying to figure out what makes people tick. Maybe that’s why I thoroughly enjoy reading psycho-thrillers, to try and understand, for instance, how some people start killing/raping/pillaging and like it so much they can’t stop, or are powerless to resist it.

Then, others get so obsessed with the paper-chase it might as well be some form of affliction. True, we could all use more cheddar, but how much is enough? Shoot, even Bill Gates is still hustlin’ hard. Which goes to show the more we have, the more we want.

And the more we know, the more we realize we really don’t know squat. Ask any intellectual, self-proclaimed or otherwise, and they’ll confirm this. Which follows that there’s bliss in ignorance. Does that mean it’s better to not know and be content, rather than know and remain perpetually vexed?

Then, some are obsessed in keeping their images squeaky-clean, especially those with political aspirations, and their reputation means everything to them. Others don’t give a rat’s ass who thinks what about them. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Are there ever any absolutes of right or wrong even?

And how about how the really crappy stuff happens to the really good people, and vice-versa? It’s almost as though it’s more rewarding to be bad, though lots would disagree. Prime example: yours truly. I’m not terrible, but I can be pretty bad. I used to be really good, but life rubbed me the wrong way and made me stone-cold. Dude, I don’t give a f*ck. What’s worse, I realize I’m wrong for being this way, but good dudes do not survive in today’s cutthroat society, so I stay this way.

I’d like to think there’s hope for me yet though. At least I love my friends and family to death, which I’d like to think depicts some semblance of warmth in this otherwise [seemingly] unfeeling persona.

But, to get back on track, people really are fascinating. It’s amazing how some skills like, say, Math, come so naturally for some people and so…. well, unnaturally for others. Dude, Math had to be forced into me through the Headmaster’s flexible cane, while I could write 3 pages worth of English composition in under 40 minutes with ease, then barely write a measly page’s worth in Insha.

The one thing though that’s really amusing to me, as misguided as it is, is how we tend to take pride in stuff that was given to us freely by The Man Upstairs. Everything that comes naturally, even stuff that's worked for, is a gift and should be treated as such, be it intelligence, money, tenacity, prowess, beauty…. anything. Bragging about stuff we have is not only an inadvertent response to a fragile superiority complex, but is also insulting to The One who so freely gave us some of those abilities/traits/possessions. As easily as it was given, so can it be taken away.

And thus ends the sermon. LOL! Later y’all.


Farmgal said...


|d®| said...

Make that 2 Amens!

Anonymous said...

Weeeelllllll...preach. "especially those with politicial aspirations" huh?

gishungwa said...

I third the Amens

|d®| said...

>D: Yes, especially. They got to tho; politics is grimy.

>Gish: Word!

Unknown said...



You mentioned cane - so you are either originally from Africa or the Caribbeans... get me out of my misery.

|d®| said...

Ha ha, you know it - Africa & Corporal Punishment in schools go hand in hand!

Yes, I'm African. 100%.

Unknown said...

what part??