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Friday, December 07, 2007


My final for the semester is finally disposed of, thank God. Now I can sleep and try and reclaim whatever's left of a social life, if I ever had one.

Why is it that life throws out all these things when we really don't need them? It's almost MXC-like sometimes, an obstacle course of sorts. Like, I was about to leave work at 4 - keeping in mind my final began at 4.30 - and this one long-winded customer called. I ended up talking to dude for 15 whole minutes. Do I even need to point out that the drive to school was nothing short of... spectacular? And I actually made it to school with 3 minutes to spare. Sometimes I scare myself. *smh* If only I was as tenacious in other aspects of life as I am behind the wheel.

Then, as I backed into the 4-hour parking space, [though my class lasts 6 hours - go figure] I saw one of my classmates right there in the lot, so we chitchatted a little while walking up to class. Now, we had to turn in this assignment yesterday that was a big deal - 10% of the grade - and I'd stayed up till 2.30 the night before finishing it up. This dude, however, hadn't done it yet, and was actually rather nonchalant about it. But when the prof. was like: You all need to turn in everything today; I will not accept any other homeworks after this session, dude sheepishly looked over at me and asked if he could copy my work.

In the back of my mind I was thinking about all the hours I'd stayed up working on that pain-in-the-ass assignment, 2 consecutive sleepless nights, and I was supposed to just give him my answer-sheet and have him copy it? But I gave it to him anyway, WTH. In any case, freeloaders always pay for it in the end. Besides, if I flunked it wouldn't be by myself!

But I'd only slept like 3 hours 2 consecutive nights. Last night I did 4 tho, no thanks to school or, for that matter, this girl who's always talking smack on the phone, talking about putting me to sleep. [Well, putting me to bed, like J. Holiday] C'mon B - don't just talk about it, be about it!

The moral of this post tho, is to declare that soon as work is over with today, I plan to make up for lost sleep in a major way. Imma sleep like 24 hours straight. [Wish I could] Now, if only there was a warm body to go home to, it'd be waaayy better. But hey, now that school's out for the winter, maybe I can put some real time into trying to put someone to sleep. I mean, bed.

Y'all enjoy your weekend, and that's an order. lol!


Anonymous said...

if only you were as tenacious? how i wish!! anywho all the best with the search for that person to put you to sleep or rather sleep with you no rather...ok i give up, i live in the gutter. :o)

Anonymous said...

i second aegeus...why don't u make ur "girl" be about it...stop bein so passive n maybe u might have a warm body to go home to....let me leave u alone. I'm gonna hold u to that- reclaiming ur (rather non existent) social life. Good luck.

|d®| said...

>Aegeus: Ha ha! Thanks, I guess.
But you know how life be like - when you really need something you can't get it, and when you don't it'll punch u right in the face.
Not too worried about it tho - I've got 99 [other] problems!

>D: Make my girl be about it, huh? Riiigghht. Tell me how, my [fine-feathered] friend!
Here's the problem tho: she talks a good game but when push comes to shove she backs out.
But then again, maybe I'll keep pushing. Hammer away at something long enough and something gives, eh?

Unknown said...

hmmm I see....

fascinating..... :)

|d®| said...

What can I say - just allowing, for a little while, the smaller of my 2 brains to assert its puny [not] authority.