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Monday, December 03, 2007


Lord, I beg of you, sate my lust. Yes, I'm guilty.

I've been having numerous erotic dreams of being the driver of a blue-colored terror powered by a turbocharged boxer engine spinning all 4 symmetrically-powered wheels on gravel - sideways.

Lord, please help me distinguish between a need and a want. More importantly, show me how much trouble my crazy ass would probably get into with local law-enforcement.

I still want it though.

Of course, it doesn't help my situation much that this tight pic below, featuring the WRX's sibling, is resident on my desktop. I'm a glutton for punishment, it seems.


Anonymous said...

i shall reach into my monitor, yank you through the internet, beat you to a veritable pulp and deposit you whence i found you. those are gorgeous machines...i need to find me a new keyboard...this one is shot!!

gishungwa said...

"Lord, I beg of you, sate my lust. Yes, I'm guilty"
LMAO,was already in gutter. Off to confess...

>d® said...

>Aegeus : Good one - veritable pulp.
To a speed freak like myself and, I suspect, you, those machines are definitely the stuff [good] dreams are made of.

>Gish: Vindication only comes with confession, they say. Hopefully, with my vindication will come reward, in the form of a blue WRX! lol!