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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Homework sucks. You'd think after all these years I would've learned to get it done on time but nope, that's never been the case.

Then, would you know it, it drizzled a little earlier on and sure enough, some poor wretch parked his car right into an electricity pole and consequently knocked out the power in the entire complex for 3+ hours; the lights just now came back on. And would you know it, I had no candles or any other form of illumination except for the flashlight on the phone, Mr. Ericsson, whose juice was already running low. 15 minutes was all it took to kill the battery.

Thank God for laptops tho, coz I kept myself entertained for a spell before it too called it quits. The impenetrable darkness that came after, not to mention the overwhelming boredom, helped me decide to tweak my blogging strategy. Instead of just being descriptive, how about being a little more imaginative, maybe a little reminiscent even? Or maybe less contemplative, and much less deliberative. For whatever reason I felt the need to go back to 'DirectX-ing' my writing, letting stuff flow without bothering to process it, if that makes any sense. Besides, it'd give me something extra to do, and exercise that largely unused part of the brain.

Had to pick a new spot to do it though, and my WordPress page will have to do, for now. Check it out sometime.


Anonymous said...

I dunno why u think it's still a dilemma when u find yourself doin homework last minute. Accept it n get ova it...ur a procrastinator...say it w/ me....pro-cra-sti-na-tor. That's right, be proud! I know I am...off to bed so i can wake up early to do my last minute stuff. lol

Guessaurus said...

Lol dude u had a 'Tempo Scary Witch'? - naah that does not deserve a post but hey, who we 'unwashed masses' to complain?

The whole concept of 'candlelit ' dinners' lose meaning at this point huh? Romance vs Luminance? (doing straight face)

In Kenya used to charge me mobile phone on the laptop - the when the laptop died i couldn't charge myself to charge anyone else ;).

|d®| said...

>D: Ain't that the truth. Feels sometimes like procrastination might very well be my middle name or something. Good luck handling yours too, my intelligent friend.

>G: Romance vs Luminance, huh? Would the two necessarily go hand in hand tho? lol!
And yes, it was a sad, sad moment when the laptop forced itself to hibernate. It was, after all, the only source of light. Good thing I don't at all mind the dark tho.

Anonymous said...

Knowing u, u usually take drives (British chinee food maybe) when u find urself forced into a blackout situation. What changed this time? Too tired from exercising w/ the youngn's? Don't u wish u were at TR 414? (Ja Ja Ja)

Anonymous said...

Dude you dont have candles? How do you entertainyour guests? Alafu you don't have those long baths with candles and ......lol!
lakini three hours bila power aint funny.
Did you finish your homework?

|d®| said...

>D: Crikey! I did grab lunch from the bloke yesterday, incidentally.
'Whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis,' about me being tired? Trust me, I'm anything but. But let's talk about u - isn't countdown a b*tch? lol!

>FG: Entertain guests? Almost never. I only go to the crib to sleep; much prefer being in other people's cribs.
And yes, been a good boy, homework-wise. Even knocked out next week's work. Even I can't believe it - that's a first!

Anonymous said...

It has it's days but i'm seein it as God's way of tellin me to chill n handle some more urgent business. and yes....TIRED. @FG's comment....wat guests??? he he he! (jk...or am i?)