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Sunday, October 07, 2007


Tell me why I'm over here at work - on a Sunday evening. That statement right there implies either of the following, that:

a. I've no life
b. I need the money
c. I need to keep busy, for sanity's sake
d. I've so much to do here I had to plug extra hours in
e. All of the above

If you lean more toward option 'e,' you're one smart cookie. As it turns out, I've no work or school tomorrow, thanks to some dude named Christopher Columbus who's reputed to have discovered some continent in the late 1400s that later became the United States, after lots and lots of pillaging and bloodshed.

Now that I think about it, there's no way 'Chris' could've been the first to discover the Americas. From my limited knowledge of old-school seamanship, thanks mostly to the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, the first person to view anything was usually the wretched soul freezing his ass off up at the crow's nest, while the captain usually stayed in his quarters below deck or at the wheel. But I'll leave that one alone.

Anyhow, I didn't wanna have to come in to work at all tomorrow, so I came in today instead, and I'll tell you why. See, bossman will be here tomorrow, and that means that any fun I might've had would be obliterated coz I would've had to be a good boy the whole time. But tonight, I'm over here all by myself, no wochi or anyone even. Which means I can act a fool all the while, play the music loud as the computer speakers will allow, sing loudly to my heart's content and even practice Michael Jackson's moonwalk if I so wish. [I've never mastered it] Plus, it feels great not having to worry about anyone looking over my shoulder - while pretending not to. And I can take frequent self-imposed breaks and walk around the joint, or even watch clips online, like this one of Kanye acting a fool.
Oh, and I can write new posts too, no problem. Aaahhh, this is the only way to work!

Later y'all. I'm still on the clock, y'know!


Anonymous said...

hmmm abusing company bandwidth eh? i do my best work when my boss is not there...got a boombox hooked up to itunes...can someone say loud? LOL!! happy holiday!

|d®| said...

Ha ha, bandwidth today is off the chain; no buffer underruns since it's just me here! Boombox huh? Hmmm, now you're giving me ideas! lol!

Anonymous said...

lol @wochi...p.s. when has bein on company time eva stopped u before??? ooops...wasn't i supposed to say that???? jk. I was leanin more to a...then again, we've got bills to pay...make that $$$

|d®| said...

Nah, thing is, when bossman's around I have practice some form of discretion, that's the difference.
BTW, isn't it amazing how... ummm, fertile life can sometimes be?

Anonymous said...

Oh, u have nooooo idea. How's the exercising going? Mine, great!!!!

|d®| said...

Exercise? Not getting as much as I need. And don't read too much into that.

Anonymous said...

As if I would....