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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Whew, finally some downtime at work, thank God.

Seeing how I was tagged by Farmgal a long minute ago, here I go, airing my dirty laundry, talking about 7 things people [typically] don’t know about me:

1. I have Zen-like patience – but only up to a point. I’m the kind of dude that would turn the other cheek, but if you slapped that other cheek I’d break every bone in your body, hypothetically speaking of course. Like, back when I was fresh off the boat, [plane, rather] some white-boy in my class always cracked Africa jokes at my expense, but I ignored him all the time. One day though, we crossed paths in some hallway and he, as always, stuck to the script, talking something about goat-herding or something of the sort. [I herded goats, but that’s beside the point] It was already a bad day for me and he finally got to me, so I grabbed his shirt-front in my fists and slammed him hard against the wall, then walked off. Needless to say, he never said anything to me again.

2. I love it when people underestimate me. Nothing better than possessing the element of surprise. A man needs a little mystery about him, what can I say.

3. I don’t like hurting women. Maybe it’s because I’ve sisters and hated it when I saw them hurting over their loser boyfriends, or maybe it’s because I know first hand that getting hurt sucks. Plus, I can’t stand to see a woman cry. Either way, I’d much rather be hurt, coz I can get it out of my system rather quickly. Guys are pretty much used to rejection anyway.

4. I love cartoons. Not those newfangled ones like Dragonball Z or the Pokemons, heck no. I can safely say I’ve pretty much watched most, if not all, of Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry as well as others like the Animaniacs, Pinky & The Brain, etcetera. Pepe Le Pew & Foghorn Leghorn, particularly, always have me rolling. Pepe’s ‘Frenglish’ is hilarious, talking about stuff like ‘Le smellevous finé,’ as in it smells good.

5. I need constant mental stimulation; can’t stay indoors too long or I’d feel like a caged beast. I guess that’s why I have an insatiable appetite for reading material, especially when I can’t be outdoors. Maybe that’s why I love women who are a little crazy coz I be like: I wonder what she’ll do today! Keeps a cat on his toes.

6. I can be rather reserved; I listen way more than I talk. I typically don’t say too much, but I can talk someone to death at times. I tend to choose my words carefully, for whatever reason. That can be good and bad; I sometimes want to say something but won’t, but sometimes I’m glad I didn’t say a thing.

7. This may not exactly be something you didn’t know, but I can’t hold a grudge. I’ve tried to, but I just can’t. It sucks being stuck in the same room with someone you fought with and can’t talk to, so I try to at least be civil. Sometimes I wish I could retain the anger, use it as fuel, but I can’t. Another blessing and a curse right there.


Well, there you have it.

Back to working. Well, back to working on my pain-in-the-ass Electronics homework while frontin’ like I’m working. Later y’all.


Msanii_XL said...

Goat herder extraodinaire....LOL.

I give you props for number seven.

Anonymous said...

absolutely love your sevens..
now we know a little bit more about you.
why is it that patient peeps have anaa ka-fuse...!


thanks for doing this...now tell me, any word from tha dishwasher?

Juju said...

I know, the goat-herder thing killed me too! ur list is sawas. love it too that you can't hurt a woman, wish all mine were as gentle... .

Anonymous said...

Funny for me to say I knew all 7 things u listed. In some capacity, I've come to know those things in/ about u. Gotta say it's wat keeps me around.

|d®| said...

>Msanii: lol! Yeah, it was one of my everyday responsibilities, every evening, like clockwork!

>Farmgal: Wsup. Thanks. And no, Dishwasher's trippin' & won't do it. He had finals tho, so maybe he'll still do it.

>Majonzi: Sometimes tho a woman can make me so mad I be thinking to myself like, & I quote Wayne Brady,
Is >d® gonna have to choke a chick? lol!
But seriously tho, it sucks coz I might inadvertently end up hurting someone in spite of my best intentions.

>D: Stop the press! You actually complimented me, after years on end of letting me have it?! ;)
Thanks tho. Much love back atcha.

Anonymous said...

From what I have seen (or rather know) you are one of the good guys - but sometimes there is the 'other' side.

Although I have the patience of a .. .. chicken LOL I also tend to let things slide until I cant take it anymore. And most people think that I dont mind or care but when it matters I am out a flash.

Who started this tagging business anyway? I have one I need to complete.

Enjoy the weekend dude :)

phassie said...

# 3: awww. You are such a darling.

#6: I would rather listen than talk, however, I am very opinionated when push comes to shove.

You are still a darling! :*

|d®| said...

>Guess: Heeeyy! Great to hear from you! Hope everything's kosher.
It's good u think of me as a good dude. [or is it? ;)]

>Phassie: Don't get me all big-headed now, but thanks! :)
It's good you speak your mind tho - great trait.

Anonymous said...

In however many years, that's the first compliment? Seriously? You give me such little credit. No worries, keep this on file, cuz the next one is comin in 2015. You know you've got 49% of my love...the other 51 goes to the German...sorry. Have a great Mem. Day weekend.

Princess said...

Some guys need to take your cue and not go around hurting women!! Unfortunately, all the players that I know are ones that are close to their sisters and still have no qualms treating women like crap!! I can talk a person into a coma!!

Prettylyf said...

Nice list!

I am with u on your sixth seven.

|d®| said...

>D: What, dissin' me for the German, as efficient as he might be?! I may not be as efficient, but I tend to explore new angles, new experiences. Exploration surpasses efficiency; how about that?

>Princess: Close to their sisters, you said? Hmmm, interesting. I would think the ones without any sisters would be more ...afflicted, for lack of a better word.

>Prettylyf: Thanks. Glad you can relate. I gather you didn't herd goats? :)

Anonymous said...

Exploration huh? Marco Polo n Columbus have nothin on him...COMBINED!!!

Makanga said...

Me too.... a definite Hanna Barbera, Filmation, WB type of cartoon jamaa.

Dragonball Z was alright, too soap operaish but some anime can do you right.

Makanga said...

I respect the goat-tending, from another herder to another

|d®| said...

>D: Yeah, right. Need I remind you that Columbus stumbled across the land by accident? And that it was actully Rodrigo de Triana, posted up at the crow's nest, that saw it first, not Columbus?

Just now starting to get over the Beantown trip. It was i-n-t-e-n-s-e!

>Makanga: What, herded goats too?! That's wsup!

And yeah, Dragonball & its spinoffs have too much drama. All I wanna do when watching cartoons is laugh, not to have to wonder how the next episode would be like!