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Sunday, May 20, 2007


Still trying to get over an extremely eventful weekend, and let's just say my body took a beating. Not literally, of course. It was mad fun though, I can't lie.

It's always refreshing to hang out with the boys, but this time around I was hanging out with the white-boys, and it was great. White-boys are crazy, for real. Not only that, but they're seldom cheapos and always like to pay for stuff, and that's always good.

This time around though we were at NC by the beach. I could speak volumes about the experience but there's too much to tell, for real. It was a flurry of activity from start to finish, and in between fishing and getting inebriated and sightseeing and raising hell at the beach till the wee hours of the morning, to mention a few, it left precious little time for sleep, hence my feeling like I've been run over by a freight train.

Then, tomorrow my crazy summer school schedule begins, and that will leave me with virtually no time to spare. It follows that I won't have too much time to post new blogs, unfortunately. I will when I can, but I'll always read y'alls' posts, so keep 'em coming.

Alright, gotta go detox from the weekend's over-indulgence.


Anonymous said...

na hiyo tweng deadly...

|d®| said...

That could be a voice-over, y'know.

Anonymous said...

So with was THAT fishing weekend huh? How did it go??? Did yall "bond"??? Btw did you ever confirm my hypothesis bout ur boy?

|d®| said...

As good as your hypothesis was, it was slightly off the mark, but it's pretty serious nonetheless.

And yes, the trip far exceeded my [modest] expectations.

Princess said...

Glad you had fun!!