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Monday, June 11, 2007


Last weekend was one of the most eventful weekends EVER, and in Beantown no less. I never knew so much could happen in so few days and I guess that’s why I was driving back home so late, trying to maximize the good times. Everything was precipitated by my boy V^6’s graduation, hence the trip to begin with. I drove up to Philly in a rented Mazda 3, [Great little car, by the way. Highly recommend it] scooped up my 2 lovely companions and hit the nine-five to Massachusetts. All too soon, a couple of days later, I found myself dropping the ladies off and headed back to VA at 3 in the morning.

4 o’clock found me somewhere in Maryland and about 45 minutes from the crib, and was surprised that I wasn’t sleepy at all. I was thoroughly enjoying pushing that Mazda 3 to the limit, and that’s probably what kept me awake, tho I had a lot on my mind too, reminiscing about stuff that had happened over the weekend – what I could remember of it anyway.

For instance, Saturday night/Sunday morning we’d gone to some joint that, as luck would’ve had it, didn’t take plastic – only
cash. We made do though. We were like 10 deep so it was lots of fun. After that we crashed this one house party, and what happened after my memory fails me. It's not that I blacked out; I was up and about, apparently. I just don't remember too much of anything. Last thing I remember is V^6’s girl and I going out to the Mazda, popping open the trunk and alternately taking swings from this one tequila bottle. Next thing, I was back at the crib lying on the couch – in my shorts. Wow.

So, it was 4 am and traffic was surprisingly thick. Apparently I’m not the only one who’s typically up at night, I was thinking. I already knew I’d call off work, so there wasn’t any real hurry to get back. I had both hands on the wheel, enjoying the Mazda’s feel. Joell Ortiz, my new favorite rapper next to Lil’ Weezy, was playing and there was a slight drizzle, a far cry from the downpour that had accompanied us for most of the trip back. I was in the fast lane behind a 4Runner and an Accord, with the Honda in the lead.

It was gradual, but I noticed the Accord become more and more erratic, almost all over the lane. Kinda like what happens then you’re trying to reach down and pick up that fallen Yahoo Maps printout off the floor, or when you’re trying to fish out your ringing cellie from your pocket or belt-clip, or even doing something as unwise as texting while driving. In any case, the driver’s course was anything but straight, though the car stayed well within the confines of the lane.

Next thing I knew, the Honda veered sharply left, then right, throwing the tail out and spinning around twice! It then settled on coasting backwards in the opposite direction – facing us – till it rolled to a complete stop! The 4Runner apparently had good brakes coz that big lug stopped on a dime, as did my little Mazda. Some pickup truck behind almost pushed the Mazda’s rear end in, if he hadn’t swerved out to the shoulder. With the immediate danger gone I focused once more on the spun-out Accord and, would you know it, it was unscathed! It even started backing up and out of the travel lanes and as it did so all these idiots started honking at it! Not only did they honk, but they even made a show of burning rubber as they fled the scene!

Seeing how I’m Kenyan and everything, and how I’ve heard numerous incidents of would-be rescuers of other drivers in distress ending up getting mugged or worse, I’m not quite the Good Samaritan when it comes to helping out other stranded drivers. The few times I’ve stopped I wasn’t needed, thanks to cellies and triple-A. This time around, however, I was so amazed at such a horrendous display of unconcern, so much so that I found myself pulling over, turning the hazards on and getting out of the car.

I approached the Accord slowly, my hands in plain view, trying to see its occupant[s]. I made out the shape of a woman doubled up over the wheel, heaving sobs racking her frame. She looked Creole, at least in the semi-darkness. She didn’t see me approach and so I went around to the passenger-side window and tapped it. Her head snapped up as she looked in my direction and I’ll tell you what, I’d never seen fear personified on anyone’s face before then. She looked sooo scared it damn near wrenched my heart out, and I backed up a couple of steps and raised my hands up to show her I meant no harm. [That’s part of the reason I went around to the passenger’s side; being el negro sometimes makes people afraid. She wasn't scared of me though] Apparently she decided I wasn’t a threat and rolled down her window, though she wouldn’t stop crying.

“Are you hurt?” I asked.
She shook her head.
“Do you need any help?”
She shook her head.
“Are you sure you’re alright?”
She nodded, then held up her phone and managed to say something about calling up her husband. She dialed some number and started talking, albeit through the sobbing, and that was good enough for me, especially since her car was still mobile, and I ventured back to the Mazda and came back to VA.

My thing is tho, how’re them clowns gonna honk at her when that incident could’ve been potentially disastrous? Spinning out in the middle of the freeway would be enough to get anyone shook! Hindiots.

Alright, back to the homework.


Anonymous said...

That brought to mind a similar accident I witnessed afew years back. Although in this case the driver was speeding and hit the highway walls while doing about 100miles per hr. The fours occupants survived! I think it was a calibra..
Kind hearted and brave you were..
Enjoy masomo..

|d®| said...

Dang, 100MPH?! Glad they survived, coz my boy and I hit a guardrail once doing 60 and almost didn't make it.

How goes it? Doing good, I trust?

Acolyte said...

Most Americans dont care if you die on the side of the road as long as you dont block the free way for them!

|d®| said...

Yeah, isn't it a crying shame? I thought I was terrible but damn, that's some cold sh*t.

Msanii_XL said...

thats crazy....spinning in the middle of 95?

Anonymous said...

Am doing great seeing that I now have a nephew...amazing feeling. cant wait for him to say those words...

The accident I witnessed..I shudder at the thought of what would have happened...allow me to mini-blog...

We were in a two car 'convoy' my bro was driving the car I was in and infront of us some friends. Early morning hours :)
I was carefully watching my bro coz he has a heavy right foot. The driver infront of us has a very erratic foot so to speak!
This- a 3lane highway with solid walls on the part we were at...
someone on the left lane suddenly changes lane into our lane nearly bumping my friend's car. Him, he jumps into the right lane...but me I've already seen a floored calibra and knew it would smash into my friends car who did not see the car let alone the accident.
My heart melted! luckly the bugger knowing there was no way to stop swerves into the middle lane infront of our car....and into the left lane ending up into the wall ...spins around three times..back into the right lane hits the wall spins and straight back into the left wall....
To say I was shook (in your words)!

I almost saw five of my friends get killed..I shudder to this day!

END of blog ...sorry

|d®| said...

>Msanii: Trust me dawg, I never would've imagined it possible if I hadn't seen it for myself. No one so much as crossed her either!

>Farmgal: What up, Auntie. Nah, no prob; blog away!
Thanks for sharing the story; glad your friends were OK, 4 real. And you saw all this live?! That's incredible!

CiikuMrsBabes said...

Ati homework?

Whats that?

Princess said...


|d®| said...

>Buff: Very funny, Buff!

>Princess: Scary for her, yes. I don't even know what I felt; just numb, I guess.

Kelitu said...

I want to know what happened to your pants...eh eh eh? I did not miss that statement. hehehe

|d®| said...

Ha ha, funny, Kels! I'd be lying if I said I remembered anything, but I meant that I managed to strip down to sleep and don't even remember doing so. I guess habit really is 2nd nature.

Anonymous said...

Glad there's a happy ending to it, and god to see you're the ever so helpful guy...kudos. Not that I think anything different.

|d®| said...

Dang, thanks girl. [Assuming all that wasn't tongue-in-cheek]

And seeing how helpful I can be, how may I help you?