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Monday, May 07, 2007


Since I’m stuck on basketball these days, I took a nap right after work so I could wake up and watch both games back to back. Thing is though, my naps have a nasty habit of transforming into full-fledged sleep sessions, and I found myself getting up close to 10.30pm, just in time to see the Pistons finish Chicago off in game 2 of the semi-fiinals. Not that Chicago ever had a chance.

There are some really funny people around. I cringe to imagine how life would be without any humor, which leads me to believe that The Man Upstairs has one that's highly developed. It seems like I’m surrounded by clowns, and I love them all. I hope they don’t mind the honorable mention:

At work we have a customer who’s always been a pleasure to work with. Let’s call him Tike. He’s smart, funny, professional, and gay. No problem there. Lately though, he’s becoming more and more… umm, anal, about stuff. [I crack myself up] One day though he had me livid, complaining about something real trivial. After hanging the phone up I vehemently swore, ranting to my co-worker:
“You know what, Tike can go suck a big fat one!!” to which she coolly replied:
“He probably will.”

I was in stitches over that one.

Then, I was visiting with my cousins a while back when the the littlelest one went to take a bath. He showered up and got out of the bathroom buck naked, casually strolling toward his room.
“P,” his mom admonished. “You’re gonna let >d see you naked like that?”
“But mom,” he retorted. “>d sees me naked all the time!”

He’d better not repeat that to other people coz they might read it all wrong!

My friend G always seems to have a gazillion papers to write, and I totally sympathize with her. One day tho she was particularly flustered coz she couldn’t concentrate, so after several minutes of trying to troubleshoot and find out why she couldn’t absorb anything she was like:
“Would the glass of Cabernet I just had have something to do with it?”

Wouldn't it?! G, you crack me up!

Then, my other friend W goes out some night to a lounge with her girlfriend. Her friend goes to get some drinks and this one white boy promptly swoops in for the kill. After exchanging a few pleasantries, and she noticing his subtle accent, was like:
“So, where are you from?”
“Russia,” he replied.
“Aaah, vodka!” she exclaimed.

How’s dude gonna say he’s from Russia and the first thing that comes to W’s mind is vodka?! Not even Moscow? Or Boris Yeltzin? Or even Kalashnikov?!

We recently acquired a new employee. No big news there. Interestingly though, dude’s French and his name sounds something like
Jean-Claude Van Damme. Thing is though, when he came in for orientation he pulled up in a yellow Beetle, was wearing a shirt that could only be described as ‘sunny’ and wore shoes in some color that my boy Steve-O later identified as turquoise. After we were introduced, I conspiringly asked my co-worker whether she thought he might be gay, to which she responded:

“He’s not gay. He’s French.”

As if that explained everything.


Alright, halftime’s over; back to the game! Y’all have a good week.


Half 'n' half said...

That one of the gay customer really did Crack me up! Very nice way to start the day!

Anonymous said...

lmao @ everything. Kind of reminds me of a friend of mine who upon hearing of the word 'german' he quickly blurts out 'hairy legs'. hmmm...people need to let go of quick stereotypes like russia n vodka. Then again, if the shoe fits...Ireland? Guinness. Rednecks? Trucks n "the" flag. George Bush? Too many come to mind. (the latest: winking at the Queen) I should come work at ur place now.

Half 'n' half said...

LOOL Ati winking at the queen, aiii, the man gone crazy! she is positively 200 years old!

|d®| said...

>Half 'n' half: I feel you, coz I never made the transition from being mad to LMAO so quickly!

And yes, Bush really is a piece of work!

>D: Took me a minute to recover coz I was laughing so hard! I do bring up the hairy legs every time I hear 'German,' don't I?!

Bush jokes are too many to list, I concur. Comedy Central, I believe, is even coming out with a new show titled 'Little Bush,' with him a kid! Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

O lord...can't wait for such a show. It's a shame when David Letterman can spin off a segment in honor of Bush's gaffes in public speaking. His never ending circus gives Steve Bridges something to do and Keith Olbermann and I something to laugh about. Oh what a boring 4 years we'll have startin in '09 depending on who comes in. In a way I want him to stay in so I can laugh...then again, I'm embarrassed for him everytime he's on the mic. Did u catch him dancing w/ the Caribs in the name of Malaria Awareness? Did I miss the memo that malaria is now a reason to dance? And need I mention the lack of dancing skills? I thank God everyday for YouTube. When I think my day sucks, I know Bush can cheer me up for his is FAAAAR worse!

Here's another one: What comes to mind when u hear "Paris Hilton"??? Again...too many to mention. (Anyone 'sihn' the petition yet?)

Half 'n' half said...

that paris Hilton is weired! you read ati she thought the cops who stopped her wanted a date with her?

Yeah we shall all miss Bush, esepcially comedy central!

|d®| said...

>D: I did see him dancing - or trying to, for that matter - on The Daily Show on Comedy Central. You know John had to make fun of that one!

Ever watched the DVD titled 'Bush-isms?' Funniest thing you'd ever watch, coz it's got most of Bush's blunders in it.

>0.5 & 0.5: Paris could do the craziest thing and gain even more fame - or is it infamy? - from it.

Anonymous said...

Now who wants a date w/ her skinny size 11-shoed self???

D- No i haven't watched it...maybe you should send it- it'll get here faster. lol. couldn't help it.

Jon stewart is my man!!!!! He n Keith Olbermann...speakin of...it's almost 8p. Time for the "Countdown"...$10 says Paris is on it again

Princess said...


Anonymous said...

She did make it on the countdown. On top of everything else, u owe me $10

|d®| said...

>Princess: Thanks. Have a good weekend!

>D: You're right I owe you - in more ways than one. But then again, you owe me too, so how about we find a way to repay each other's debts? :)

Anonymous said...

Your cousin's son is a trip. He will have society painting you with the Micheal Jackson brush. and you will inturn start wearing a glove and a face mask...mmmhhh I am watching you...

|d®| said...

Funny! But yeah, society would always presume the worst, wouldn't it?