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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


R. Kelly is a straight clown, and I’m not talking about his inclination to try and entertain youngns, if you catch my drift. I’m talking about how some of his songs amuse the heck outta me. Like, D and I were talking about the ‘Flirt’ remix and how he talks about:
‘Do you know what that means?
That means if you love your chick
Don’t bring her to the VIP
Coz I might leave with your chick..’

Dude makes it sound like the chick has no choice in the matter! Too funny.

Mims’ ‘Why I’m Hot’ Blackout remix is, well, hot. The dancehall twist absolutely compliments the already tight beat, and he straight kills it when he says:
‘Now if you take the sun and multiply its heat
Ten times over then what you find is me..’

Now that’s hot. I thought he was gonna be another one hit wonder, but his ‘I Did You Wrong’ joint is tight too. He’s a lyricist of sorts, apparently.

I know I already sound like a Ciara groupie, but that girl’s off the chizz-ain, and I’m talking about her ‘Like a Boy’ video. Not only does she have complete command over her body, but I’ve never seen anyone do the matrix as long as she does; it’s a back-breaker of a move, and that just goes to show just how physically fit she is. She’s such a marimacho, a tomboy, but such a lady at the same time.


I’m just about sick of DJ Unk’s ‘Two-Step.’ That and Akon’s ‘Don’t Matter,’ not to mention Shop Boyz’ ‘Party Like a Rock Star’ and Crime Mob’s ‘Rock Yo Hips.’ They get so much play it’s sickening. Need I mention T-Pain’s ‘Buy You a Drank?’ And I wanna backhand Lil’ Mama for even thinking up that ‘Lip-Gloss’ joint.

I’m not exactly a Pretty Ricky fan, but their joints aren’t half bad, surprisingly. But how are a bunch of little scruffy dudes gonna name themselves Pretty Ricky?

Ne-Yo might be the next big thing. He’s already large, of course, but he writes, sings and produces; a miniature Babyface, it seems. His ‘Because Of You’ joint is refreshing, to say the least, reminiscent of a young Michael Jackson. Good stuff.

I had high hopes for Javier, who some years back came out with ‘Crazy.’ Dude seemed to have mad talent - could sing his ass off and played his own instruments. Pity he fell off; he probably got screwed on his contract, like so many up-and-coming artists. ATL, the all-boy group from - you guessed it - ATL, fell off too. Pity. How about that Urban Mystic cat? I thought he’d blow up. I still think he’s great.

Then, some artists always seem to struggle all the time and don’t seem to really break out. Prime example - Monica. She’s good, but never really puts something out there that becomes, say, a street anthem. Devin The Dude also struggles all the time, despite his occasional flashes of brilliance.

Pimp C’s ‘Knockin' Doors Down’ is like the official beef-squashing anthem, and I like the fact that he doesn’t mince any words in it, even naming names and stuff, talking stuff about:
‘R.I.P. to Robert Davis he the king of the South
Anything else said need to shut yo f*ckin’ mouth
I'm down with Lil' Flip and I'm down with T.I.P.
If them niggaz come together how much paper we could see..’

How about Timbaland’s production skills in Young Buck’s ‘Get Buck?’ Timbo is still the man, no doubt. It's crazy how he threw in that - what is it, horn? - in the place of the usual 808. Brilliant.

And how's Bobby V. gonna pick a beat that sounds so much like Justin Timberfake's, as Buff pointed out? Timbo has a gazillion more beats stacked up; buy a different one, Bobby!

OK, gotta get back to pretending to work.


Movie Buff said...

My lip gloss is popping...

My lip gloss is cool.

Movie Buff said...

But seriously......
I liked Old R Kelly.

I stopped liking him now. Forget him and his nonsense. You know he wrote the song "Fortunate" that Maxwell sung? Yep... he sure did!

Collie Budz is the business..... thats all the new music I am listening to.

>d® said...

What, Kells wrote 'Fortunate?' I'm impressed!

And yes, Collie Budz is tight. Such a thick accent for a white-boy! Know his bio?

makanga said...

Collie Buddz... from the Isle of Bermuda and Toronto. Hie new song 'Mamacita' is going to drive you crazy. It sounds like a that Rupee song that was big a few years back, 'Tempted to Touch.'

Javier....talented dude who won't pander his style to fit in.

'Get Buck was produced by Polow The Don. He is the revelation right now. He was part of the Atl trio John Crow before he started making beats for DTP. Now he's big willy. He also did 'London Bridge', 'Runaway Love' and Rich Boy is his artist. All those banging beats on Rich's album are his. Starting with my shit 'Looka Here'

>d® said...

Aaah, my mistake; I thought Timbo produced 'Get Buck.' Sounded like it anyway. Isn't Polow the same cat in the 'Throw Some Ds joint, talking about how every freak should have a picture of his d*ck on their wall?

I'll definitely find some Collie tracks then, coz the only one I currently know is 'Come Around.' Good looking out.

D said...

Nice blog >d, as always. But for i'm a flirt, Kells needs to reevaluate his choice of songs and lyrics. I've bout had enough of the same ol' "after the party it's the after party, etc" mess. I feel u on Ciara. She's my fitness idol. The day I could do that matrix, it will officially be a wrap. I gotta say tho, Akon, its aight, Party like a rock star, I can deal, but that Lip Gloss mess???? I'll file that w/ the chicken noodle soup song. WTF?????? Neway, work calls.

>d® said...

Yes, the Lip Gloss joint is definitely not poppin'. How about I backhand her across the mouth and mess those lips up. What's she gonna rap about then, huh?