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Saturday, March 24, 2007


I sometimes feel like I'm the luckiest dude in the world. Not because I'm not a blithering idiot, and not because I might've managed to steal some vixen's heart, among other things - no. I feel lucky coz kids tend to like me.

Children are fascinating. Forget their little tantrums, their mischief, their messes or their seemingly limitless amounts of energy. For the most part they are only partially corrupted by the world, they can adapt to almost anything and boy, are they honest - even brutally so! More to the point, unlike older people, they rarely pretend. If a kid doesn't like someone, they will not even try to act like they do, and that's the truth. Of course, infants tend to gravitate to familiarity meaning parents or mboch-es or whoever, but older kids follow their gut, per se, and will flat out like or dislike someone.

Now, I'm not even trying to say all kids tend to like me - far from it. The vast majorities seem to though, and that right there gives me hope that I might still have some good left in me. [C.K., shush!]

Of course I've considered that I might like kids because I'm not stuck with them, as in I could always give them back to their parents; which is partly true, I must admit.
Accidents happen, I know, but it's amazing that people still don't realize how HUGE a responsibility it is to be a parent. If there ever was a contraceptive, potential parenthood should be it!

Parenting is hard work. I constantly observe what parents contend with and have to sacrifice to raise their children, and for that I've mad respect for good parents. Bad parents tend to sprout bad-ass kids, much to my chagrin.

This past Friday was my littlest cousin's birthday. [Technically, his mother is my cousin. Does that mean I'm his cousin or his uncle??] I can't believe dude is 9 already; time really flies. I practically spent all afternoon with him after school - played video games, played a little ball with some neighborhood kids, [This one older kid named Andrew is sick with it - he's got mad handles!] went to the video store and rented some Dragon Ball Z movies [I don't understand the obsession kids have with those cartoons] and later had dinner at his house.

He didn't get a party this year and he wanted some cherry-cobbler-stuff instead of cake, so his mother indulged him. Dude was acting a fool, as you can see. He started the "Cha cha cha" mantra when he was 6 and has been doing it since. Of course, as you can see, he ends it with a Bruce Lee-like cry when it's over. Gets me every time - funny stuff.

And I know them boys didn't start reciting Currency's 'Where The Cash At' at the end of the clip! Had to stop them! Where the hell do they pick up some of these nasty songs from?!


Anonymous said...

blithering? Gotdamn! didn't think thats a word...

Anonymous said...

Broody are we? am kidding ..honest I am!
Happy B'day to your cuzo and nice vid!

|d®| said...

>Anon: Ha ha, blame that particular word on my love for the British show 'Top Gear.' I find myself repeating some of the things they say!

>Farmgal: You've got jokes, I see! Shoot, just thinking about having my own kid sometimes gives me the willies!

Anonymous said...

And at wat age was ur otha cuz singing "what's ur fantasy"...i rest my case....happy bday to kid tho.

|d®| said...

OMG, I'd momentarily [thankfully] forgotten about that - atrocious!

Farmgal said...

I was just checking!

|d®| said...

Nah, I'm not even close to all that. Good looking out tho!

Udi said...

THat kido needs a shoto of sambuka for his bday. Might calm him down. LOL

|d®| said...

Trust me dawg, make that 2 shots! lol!