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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

30-SOMETHING, part 2

School sucks. I kid you not, I've had yesterday and today off work and all I've been doing is schoolwork! I realize nothing good comes easy but damn, this is ridiculous!

I can't front tho - I love being back in school, if only to keep me busy. For a brief moment back there I was concerned about my intellectual well being when my boy Danc was talking to some other dude about derivatives. Now, I know I once knew what derivatives are or how to work them out but I could only draw a blank! That did it right there.

In other news:
Dude, I can't believe I'm 30! If you're as old as you feel though, I guess I'm good to go coz I feel great!

I thank all who wished me well, particularly family & friends. Thanks to my cuz who laid out a spread for me, [I never ate so much good food] my lil' friend D who sent me that scorchingly funny birthday card and everyone else who sent me one too, G.R. and her family who selflessly embraced me as one of their own and who also threw that surprise bash for me, [They got me good too!] and everyone else who so much as thought about me that day. I love y'all for life.

Check out the candle on my cake. [Individual candles were deemed a fire hazard.]

Alright, back to the daily grind.


Princess said...

Happy Belated B'day!!!! Glad you had a blast!! Don't think of it as getting older, but rather wiser.

Acolyte said...

Happy Birthday! Age is just a number, as long as you are handling your biz and enjoying life; it's going to keep on being fun!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Sasa si you mail that cake this way..just a little piece!

egm said...

A belated happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I didn't do the cake thing, cuz I thought of someone lighting 3-0 candles n the sprinklers going off...to be quickly followed by the whole VA-Precinct 12 Fire Dept. Lol. Better get that 401-K in shape if u haven't already...

|d®| said...

>Princess: Hear hear - about the wiser part. Thanks!

>Aco: Thanks man, I appreciate it.

>Farmgal: See, I'd overnight a slab or two but we crushed the cake - sorry! :)

>EGM: Good looking out, thanks!

>D: Go ahead, laugh away! You'll catch up real quick before you know it!

Whispering Inn said...

Mzee Kijana, now you're officially old. He he!
Happy belated birthday!

|d®| said...

>Whis: Thanks. I know, right? It crept up on me!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day, belatedly.

|d®| said...

Good looking out!

phassie said...

Belated Happy Birthday!

Better late than never. I have that candle in my possesion. Turning 30 was a refreshing feeling.

Enjoy it!