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Monday, September 25, 2006


So, my boy The Dishwasher got me more than a little bent this weekend. It was so bad I slept thru most, if not all, of Sunday trying to recoup.

We live in an extremely self-centered society. Life in the U.S. isn’t all it’s cut out to be. I know lots of people outside the States would want to be here tho, so I never take that for granted. Life is tough here, but life is tough every place else, last time I checked. But what do I know?

Imma tell you this tho: as long as we’re on this side of the solar system, there will always be something going on. Mankind is cursed, literally, as in it’s impossible to live a trouble-free life. Impossible. Like, most of our problems revolve around dinero. I’d like to think that someone like, say Bill Gates, is virtually trouble-free, but I’m sure he has monstrous problems that our cheddar-centered mentality can’t fathom. The late great BIG was on point when he said More Money More Problems. But hey, I'd much rather find that out for myself. They say it can't buy happiness but shoot, I think it can bring me real close!

Money is the root of all evil, they say. I disagree. Money opens doors, greases palms… however you wanna put it. Our knee-jerk reaction to monumental amounts of cheddar is what’s f*cked up. People say stuff like: if I were to become a millionaire I wouldn’t change for sh*t. That’s a load of bull. Money changes people, period.

Take these rappers for instance. Their first videos are always centered around where they come from, as in they invite the whole block over for the shoot, fire up the grills, bust out 40-ounce OEs and shoot the video right there. Think BIG's first single Juicy. Dude was sitting in Brooklyn surrounded by his roll dawgs. A few videos later he was shooting Hypnotize and driving backwards in Benzes, wearing fur coats and sailing in yachts. And you say money doesn't change people? Pul-lease! And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Then, some hindiots wanna try to tell people what to do with their own kake. For instance, I'm an avid listener of The Russ Parr Morning Show. Dude's soo funny - I think. Some think the show's juvenile tho, which it might be, but it makes me smile in the mornings, which is no mean feat.
Anyway, Russ said something about Bill Gates donating mega-millions of dollars in computers and software to some needy schools someplace. I was thinking to myself: good looking out Bill. Maybe I'll actually buy a licenced copy of Windows Vista when it rolls out. [disclaimer: all my software is legit. Well, most of it anyway] Soon after, some lady called the station criticizing Bill for that, saying he should have diverted that money to, and I quote, 'a more worthy cause.'
Now, I'm not saying there isn't any cause more worthy, but damnit lady, THAT'S BILL'S OWN MONEY! Let him do with it whatever he wishes! He didn't even have to give it away so shut the hell up! Russ told her as much too.

Of course Bill will claim some of it back on tax day, but that's beside the point.

I was talking about self-centeredness.

This is such an individualistic society it saddens, but also amuses, yours truly. Like, it's entirely possible to live next to the same people for years on end and not know their names. Then you see people driving slow in the fast lane on i95 and won't budge. And have you been grocery shopping lately? It's a madhouse - people mean muggin' each other all the while blocking entire aisles, people scrambling for parking spaces and express check-out lanes, kids throwing tantrums... *sigh*

More dee dee dee than all that is how people pride themselves over stuff that's either extremely trivial or stuff they had nothing to do with. Showing off is a deeply-ingrained trait that resides in each and every one of us, and that's OK. The fact that we show off really doesn't matter. WHY we show off, dear reader, is the question. Allow me to expound a little more on that.

As far as looks go, humans can be divided into 3 categories: The fly, the average and the nuh-uh. Now, it's possible for each one of us to slide from either one to any other. I mean, consider Michael Jackson & Whitney Houston. They slid from the fly division to the nuh-uh just like that. Diddy & Jay Z, on the other hand, squirmed from the nuh-uh to the fly, thanks to their millions. [Funny how kake makes people look better, huh?] Exercise, or lack thereof, can determine which category we fall in too. So can plastic surgery, a good haircut, good-fitting clothes etcetera

Which is why I find it so ridiculous that some people get all big-headed about how fly they look. Boggles the mind. See, most good-looking people just happened to be fly; they had nothing to do with it. And then they have the nerve to rub all that flyness in people's faces?! Spare me.

Not to say I don't appreciate beauty - I do, lots. But there is none more ravishing than a fly person who realizes, and is thankful, that his/her good looks are purely accidental.

Which boils down again to why we do some things. Like, lots of people crack on me about my apparent love for my car. I can't lie - I do love the car. For the longest time I was afraid to love anything or anyone, with the excuse that anything I loved would be taken from me. Well, that's usually how it was but I don't give a rat's behind about that now. I will love if I want to. What?

Besides, I think I figured the love thing out:

It's OK to love, even though love makes us vulnerable. The trick is to love someone/something with the realization that love is given freely, and is fragile. Think of it as an exquisite vase sitting on a mantlepiece. It can sit there indefinitely in all its grandeur if nothing touches it, but something will eventually. There might be too much fire in the fireplace that would scald it. There might be an earthquake that would tip it & make it break into smithereens on the floor. Shoot, the cat might even bring it down running from the dog.
Such is love. Enjoy it while you have it. Embrace it. It might be yours forever, or it might be gone before you know it.

[Dang, I be running my mouth; I'd better stop here.]

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the mean mugging must decrease.

Msanii_XL said...

russ parr is pretty good, I absolutely enjoy the shaq and mutombo skits...

Last pragraph was deep..

Anonymous said...
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|d®| said...

>Makanga: Yup. Over here we say grittin', as in why you grittin' on me?

>Msanii: Russ is too funny. I like the Whitney & Denzel ones myself! Like, crackhead Whitney always starts her statements with:
"Winky Houston, Bobby sha-Brown, 2006 b*tch!"