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Monday, September 25, 2006


Arrrggghhh!!! It’s Monday already!

Well, it’s Sunday night, though like 12.45.

Felt like giving a shout-out to my friends real quick. I’m sleepy as hell but I’ll do it. I’ll try to, anyway, & in no particular order of importance.

>Jo: Where do I begin?
>Lil G: 17 already?!
>V^6: My n*gga. Go fast or bust!
>G: If thou wouldst consider it…..
>A1: Blueman – still remember it, thanks. Not to be confused with Blue ball. Well, maybe that too.
>Ura: Intricate intellectual with a heart of gold. My n*gga.
>Dishwasher: My favorite prodigy. D, don’t be alarmed.
>CK: How do I even begin? You’re off the chain!
>D: So young, so angry! Damn that rap music!
>Lil D: My lil n*gga.
>G.R.: Through thick & thin.
>Wams: To quote Guessaurus: “Humor & intelligence, not mutually exclusive.”
>DLL: *speechless*
>Shaw: U know I love you, right? Well, I’ll need Tokyo Drift on Tuesday. Please.
>BET: So near, yet so far.
>R: Why you always think I’m playin’?
>Ciiku: We grew up together. We should maybe stick together?
>Paps: My n*gga for life. I miss you girl.
>Marie: “After ding-dong, go nigh-night!” [CK – ha ha!]
>Mercy: Go ahead, make that cheddar! I ain’t mad atcha!

Alright, gotta go to bed. If I neglected to give you a shout-out, mucho apologies. Blame it on my condition – sleepy. You know I’ve nothing but love and respect for you. [ps: This one statement took me 10 minutes to type out]

KBW, much love.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the shout...i think. N yes i am alarmed!

Anonymous said...

i got you... or do i? lol!
yeah, come thru tues.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
|d®| said...

>D: Well, you shouldn't be. Call me Allstate, coz you're in safe hands!
Hmmm, you're getting soft on me, I see. No quick-witted comeback to my prodding? :)

>Shaw: Funny! Girl please, grass might look greener on the other side but trust me, this here is crabgrass!

|d®| said...

>Shaw: I took the liberty of erasing one of the identical comments.

Anonymous said...

to be quite honest, i was trying to distinguish b/w D n Lil D....neway....wat bout me being angry? wow....n no i'm not growin soft on ya....never that..just cuttin u some slack given last weeks antics.

Currently listening to: Homewrecker.

|d®| said...

Homewrecker?! lol!

Nah, I'd never call u lil D coz I know you'd smack me silly!

And no, you're not angry. That so young, so angry phrase, which I'd heard before someplace, seemed quite fitting, not unlike my ringtone for you!

CiikuMrsBabes said...

>Ciiku: We grew up together. We should maybe stick together?

To me?

|d®| said...


Weeeell, yes and no.
No bcoz I didn't grow up with you, and yes bcoz we're now growing together!

Anonymous said...

Watchu mean, "speechless?' you can't handle me can u? lol