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Sunday, September 03, 2006


So, this past Friday I went to work as usual. It was probably the dreary weather induced by hurricane Ernesto that made me do it, but I went to bossman’s office, slammed the door shut and told him bossman, I can’t work all day every day for your punk a$$!! I’m leaving at 12.45 today and won’t work all of next week, and I don’t give a damn what you say. Alright?!

I’m only kidding. I leave work every Friday at 12.45 and I’m on vacation all this week, that’s what.

It follows that I’ll be MIA for a while, that’s what I’m trying to say. Just an FYI.

D., hold it down while I’m gone, baby gurl.


am mdkims said...

nice example of quick thinking

Anonymous said...

Hold it down huh??? lol. U know wat that means...a non-stop party...enjoy the vac. Can't wait to hear all about it...(yea i think i can wait. lol)

|d®| said...

>mdkims: Ummm, what? :)

>D: Shoot, no one's at my crib right now. Wanna house-sit? Imma give u the key & have you throw a party if u'd like.
But wait - do you even know how 2 get there? Oh well, maybe next time then! :)

Anonymous said...

hahahaha...so u think! I'll house sit, so long as there is food in that fridge...n i mean food, not hungry-man meals. We'll talk when u come back

|d®| said...

Ummm.. food? Truth be told, I think there's only stuff in there that doesn't go bad quick, like mustard, mayo or ketchup!

But hey, like my boy says, why cook if you can buy? :)

But u know me - I love home-cooked meals; cook for me & I'm sprung!

Anonymous said...

(Wat do u want???) That explains y u go to PA every weekend, practically- home cookin. I know, my dishwasher can throw down, but lets not go there. He's taken. lol.

|d®| said...

[I'm back. It sucks, big time. But what to do?]

Nah, my Fam's in PA, u know that, & that's why I keep going. You forget I've home-court advantage when it comes to home cooking!