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Thursday, August 31, 2006


[Dang, lately I’ve all this time on my hands. That’s a beautiful thing. And I can't sleep. That sucks.]

I know most of y’all are closet geeks whose lives revolve around the web, and don’t even deny it. That’s quite alright. Shoot, I know you turn the computer on even before taking your shoes off or turning the lights on. I know you have shortcuts on your computer at work that minimize the browser window every time the boss makes his/her rounds. I definitely know that you check your email before you leave the crib in the morning for school or work. Yes, you! And that’s quite alright.

God must have a great sense of humor. Seeing how we’re created in His image and all, He must be fun-loving. We humans though might push the limits of where the fun ends and the obnoxiousness begins, but there’s some really funny people out there. There’s tons of funny stuff on the web, so allow me to compile a list of sorts of some of the funnier clips I’ve stumbled across while surfing. Granted, there are lots more I can’t recall, but these will have to do for now. I hope you haven’t seen them before but even if you have, I hope you like ‘em still.

Parental/J.O.B. discretion advised on some. Aight, here we go:

> Mencia on Dee dee dee. He’s insane.

> Pam Anderson’s Roast. Word to the wise: those roasts are hilarious.

> Check out ‘The Hoff.’ Why does everyone think they can sing?

> Er, interruptus?

> Whack that bush.

> A moment.

> And you think you can drive, huh?

> Deya.

> The Japanese are crazy. Love 'em.

More clips coming up later. A cat’s gotta sleep, you know.


tanyanedmcw said...

he..better get your behind to bed dude. I got my first 8 hrs in a loong time jana (not that there is any good reason for that). I kept waking up every 3 hours wondering why its not morning yet coz i was tired of sleeping but was intent on making 8. Then when morning fikad i didn't want to wake up hehehe. Yeah and ill soon be taking vacations from the internet too. happy geekery.

|d®| said...

Hmm, I see you're up at - let me do the math - 12.42am. Glad to know I'm not the only one up this late!

I know what u mean, coz I never could sleep too long either. I average 4-5 hours a night. That can't be good.

I'll be on vacation all of next week tho so I guess I'll catch up then!

egm said...

Juzi I forced myself to get into bed at 9.30pm. Got up at 3 when sleep malizikad, but I just stayed in bed until 20 minutes later I slept. When I got up at 5, I felt fresh kabisa. Then jana I become a ngomongo and stayed up doing much nothing, getting into bed at 1am. My body refused to get up at 5 (despite the alarm, which I somehow shut off in my sleep). So I got up at 7.30 (when I usually get into the office!). I really need to discpline myself to get to bed early. You are right, this mambo of 4-5 hours a night isn't healthy for sure.

Medusa said...

Yay..IA-Insomniac's Anon, finally!! During the week, my brain simply will not allow me to rest longer than 5.5hrs. No point going to bed before midnight for this here lady. Come the w/e, and I sleep a minimum of 9hrs..I dongerrit!
OMG..Mencia is a LUNATIC..Dee dee dee damn near kilt me!! I only discovered him like 2wks ago..

CiikuMrsBabes said...


Im not even explaining myself

And that Mencia song is full of important stuff. People need to listen to it!

|d®| said...

>EGM: Yeah, consistency is good for the body, I must admit. I too throw my body so many curve-balls it's probably like: WTF!

>Medusa: Wsup girl. What, I seriously oversleep over the weekends too, trying to play catchup!
Mencia's the man. He speaks his mind & that's what I like about him. Comedy Central, Sunday nights, 10pm for new episodes.

>Buff: No need to explain yourself. After all, you willfully admitted to geekery, as Adhis-toto put it.

am mdkims said...

grrmphh ... you have caught me ... and i don't like it ... and am gonna hit you on the head on with my monitor ... oh, my goodness ... my precious comp is done for ...