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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Summer’s early this year, it looks like. I for one am not mad at all. There’s no substitution for any of it - nosir. I'm liking it already.

Firstly, I gotta give a shout out to my New England crew. Y’all crazy, every last one of you. A1, you’re incorrigible, punking me into overdoing it. You owe me one. CK, you’re hilarious, talking about my groupies, getting me in trouble and all. You owe me one too. To the bros with go-karts: V^6, your chomaring skills are off the chain, not to mention your addiction to speed and the Alpines in your trunk. Ura, despite baiting unwitting wannabes and sporting Alpines in your trunk, your IT skills are legendary, not to mention your love for speed; just like your crazy-ass brother.

To www: These go-kart brothers, as they’re aptly named, have cosmetically identical German-engineered super machines with major bump in their trunks and blue halogens. Crazy. Oh, and did I mention Beelzebub tried to take them both out on the same day in the same hour, though in different states? That’s a story for another day, literary consent pending.

I had a couple of great weekends back to back which is rare. Not that the weekends were all trouble-free or whatever – not at all. They weren’t typical, which made them great. Of course it would’ve been even better if Buff had taken me along on her White Castle excursion. Not that I’m sore about that or anything. [Or am I?] Instead, here’s what happened:

I ended up going to Jay Z’s 40-40 club that first weekend and spent all of my rent money there, not to mention the high-speed flat [or is it puncture, G.?] that one of K’s gorgeous Accord Coupe’s Lo-Pros sustained along the way. [Shout out to Carol for putting that one bash together.] I only remember the journey to and not the journey from; not surprisingly since I’d just ingested all of my rent money in liquid form. Not only that but The Dishwasher [wsup D] with his butterfingers spilled some drink all over me. You owe me one too, punk.

Before that weekend, I’d been part of a wedding some weekends prior. [Many thanks to the very lovely C for making me a part of it.] I usually go to all formal events dressed as comfortable-man, namely jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. I had responsibilities there so I had to momentarily shed my comfortable-man attire for some dress clothes. All good tho.
While at the reception I bumped into one of my favorite bloggers - I kid you not. Who knows, I might write about it later on, consent pending, so keep it right here.

Last weekend was off the richter too. Not only was I with the aforementioned New England crew, but it was Baby Boy’s birthday. [Happy Birthday again, Baby Boy.] I can’t believe he’s now 4 years old already. Not only did he have fun but we too, only ours was a lot more – shall I say – rambunctious. I’ll leave that to your imagination. I’ll only let on and admit that I was in bad shape by the end of it all, as I suspect we all were. That and I think Baby Boy broke a couple of V^6’s ribs while he was napping by the TV; I could’ve sworn I heard a subtle *crunch* as Baby boy’s left knee connected with his left rack-o-ribs. Ouch.

I’m still trying to recover from it all and more importantly, reclaim my blogging mojo which seems to have deserted me for the time being; not so much the content as it is the frequency. I must admit tho that the daily hustle, the b-balling and the summer fun leaves little time for much else but hey, I’m still here, www. Don’t get it twisted.


Unknown said...

You have my full consent, subject to editorial review (don't want to tempt Beelzebub again).
Pocket-Rockets, Go-Karts, take your pick.
Them Alpines are off the hook thanxs to V^6 and the only Germans I have a biff with are them Nazi's. Their Engineers are manizo fo shizo (can we say this any more...)
You're loosing it dog... I'm shoked. How could you forget to mention the beautiful Sis's who kept V^6 company on his ride home?
You're the one who has it all twisted... (told you... thongs are for special occasions ONLY, not a daily thing for everyone :)

|d®| said...

Very funny, about the thong, I mean. Don't test me or imma publicize the 'I'm not your honey' incident!

Oh trust me, I'd never forget the Bean Town Honeyz! :) A1 & CK are their aliases.

I see it's not only in Philly that you're nocturnal; surfing at 12.09am. Insomnia, perhaps?

CiikuMrsBabes said...

Weeeee! I thot we decided I was going to make it up to you... kari ke!!!

But I do agree with the "Many good weekends"..... and my dear... here is to many more, no???????

|d®| said...

Faw shaw, I'm sure there'll be many more good weekends to come. One I'm sure of anyway!

Anonymous said...

I am jealous >d, no wonder you have been in hibernation blog-wise. Tsk tsk let me not put a puncture in your bubble.

Anyway, the heat is here - and work is getting in the way of fun. You go ahead and enjoy it for us. And while you are it, be careful.

Enjoy the weekend..

|d®| said...

You too, enjoy the weekend. And yes, work does suck, big time. The meagre paycheck makes it a little better tho, what can I say.

Looks like this weekend is gonna be another eventful one. Have fun whatever you do.

Unknown said...

In my defense, I was working from home and was waiting for a job to finish. Had a little time to surf. My Apologies to you, A1 and CK. Should have known better. I somehow wonder about the other Aliases. That incident you mentioned was all CK's fault... she must have had something to do about it... But that weekend was fun (as any other over there) Too bad our NY miss (now i believe will be DC miss) was missing in action.

Anonymous said...

hey hey hey- back from the bushes of ocha refreshed and ready to try living. consent given for the post (crazy weekend about a year ago)challange scheduled a wk from today, check out urainc (CM) bring u'r driving skills wit u. have an CRAZY wkend.

Anonymous said...

>d, sup w/ talkin bout my dishwasher like that? tsk tsk tsk. That's not even right. neway, have a good weekend.


Unknown said...

wassup bout the challenge... cat got your tounge...

Farmgal said...

You have groupies? How do you I make it into that list eh?


|d®| said...

>D: My bad 4 the silence. Where do I even begin?

>Ura & V^6: I hope my delayed response has revealed to you that I WILL win that race. Care to put your money where your mouths are, punks? :)

>Farmgal: Wsup. Ha ha, I don't have any groupies. Only CK thinks so!

Anonymous said...

I was so gonna blog about it (assuming that your incident and mine are one and the same)... but i thought--- eh... ebu I get permision from ndarlin' ndee :)... when are you gracing us w/ your presence again?

|d®| said...

Flattery will get you everywhere Muts.
Yes, the incidents are the same, I believe and yes, you do have my permission.

Anonymous said...

I dunno where u'd begin...try from the start...then again, where is that? Try the area code or better yet, I-95N...i'm sure the rest will come to u. wat happened to Friday?