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Tuesday, May 23, 2006



Is there any sport greater? [Soccer, maybe? Rugby?] These girls and guys of the WNBA/NBA are truly remarkable athletes. True, they might not have the toughness of Rugby or Ice Hockey players. They might not have the bulk and dominance of American Football players, or the uncompromising hand-eye coordination of Baseball players. They, however, exhibit some of the greatest athleticism, ever. They have incredible reflexes, bar none, except maybe for Table Tennis players.

Now, you might think I’m only saying this because I like basketball – hardly. I’ve played, or at least tried to play, most sports. Like every other Kenyan, I would imagine, I’ve played lots of soccer. I played TT when I was younger, as well as Badminton. [I lost every time in the latter.] In addition to numerous athletics which I was mostly forced to participate in, I pole-vaulted, and was quite good at it, I daresay. More recently, I’ve tried out Tennis, Squash and American Football. [Don’t sleep on Football now – it requires split-second precision and extreme physical exertion as I learned the hard way, while at the bottom of a pile-up spitting out turf.]

I’ve never played any other sport as intense as Basketball, and that’s the truth. To excel in it you really must be on point, mind, body, soul, spirit and most importantly, attitude. You must convince yourself that you own the court and are better than anyone else on this side of the solar system. You must be able to think while you execute, execute while you think. You damn near must have ESP [or is it ESPN?] to visualize the plays before they happen and while in the middle of a maneuver, you might have to change that maneuver, all while hanging in the air for all of a second. And you think hitting nothing but net 20 feet away is easy just because Ray Allen makes it seem so effortless? Hardly. I’ve also seen some of the most horrifying injuries while on the court: compound fractures, knees and elbows bent backwards, noses and jaws busted, etc etc. Personally, I’ve damn near ripped fingernails off [as recently as this past weekend] and sprained ankles and stuff. And they call it a non-contact sport. Yeah, right.

This Playoff season is especially exciting coz the underdogs are making some serious plays. I damn near lost my mind tonight when the Mavs won in game 7. They totally deserve it. I’m right now watching the Suns play the Clippers. As much as I like the Suns, I wouldn’t mind if the Clippers won coz they’ve been in the Lakers’ shadow too damn long. The Suns got that on lock tho, sorta like the Pistons did on Sunday. I’ve no doubt the Suns will win – put money on that.

Despite my enjoying the playoffs, I must admit I’ve been extremely scarce lately, to my friends especially. It also doesn’t help much that since switching departments at the gold mine [or is it the coal mine?] I’ve been extremely swamped, not to mention that I need to sweet-talk I.T. into giving me internet access. [I.T. acts like they run the company, don’t they? Can’t hate tho, coz they really do.]

So to all my peoples out there, I always have mad love for you, every last one of y’all. Special shout-outs , in alphabetical order, [imma try, anyway] to BET, A1, Mr. A., Carol, Char, Ciiku, CK, D, Danc, Kacu, G.R., J, J-Dub, Jo, Joan, Marie, Mark, Molly, Monica, V^6, Paula, Ura, Nate, crazy-ass Nick, QB, Sam, Shaw, W. [a.k.a. Dub], & Wams. [Congrats again girl.]

D, good looking out, constantly checking up on me and stuff. I appreciate it.

Shout outs too to all my bloggers in regular [or not] correspondence – you know I’ve got nothing but love for y’all.

Watch out now; the old >d® will be back in vull vorce before too long. Keep it right here.


Anonymous said...

Hi >d® - havent read your post cos a)I know diddly squat about basketball and b) cos I am fighting a loosing battle with IT at the moment - and yes, they think they run the company, but do they? I am still in combats so lets see where this ends...

Enjoy the week - I'll be back

Farmgal said...

>d® footie is the best or is it soccer where u are.
lets see what the vull vorce will bring eh?
you ok though?

Msanii_XL said...

IT run things mayne kneel and kiss the ring..lol fuckers can't stand them neither

ahh bball..fun, you should come down for the Kenyan tourney, its usually around early August. we won last year..

I enjoyed that the Mavs won , plus Avery was on the bench coaching i want him to get to the finals and take it..been minute since black coach led a team to the finals, can't stand Cuban though cats get on my damn nerves whiny bitch!

Sad the clips lost was rooting hard for them, I like the way the Conf. finals are as of now unpredicatble, a week ago I would have said Pistons sweep Miami, but after what bron did to Detroit I'm inclined to think that we are looking at seven game series and i'm sure big daddy rested = more trouble for ben.

Cats need to stop flopping too always taking the easy way out, flopping = not defense.

CiikuMrsBabes said...

I dont watch basketball but just before I read this post, we had an argument at jobo about whether Cheerleaders and Golfers are athletes... Mels did make a point when she said that "Athletes are people who get paid to do what others do for free"....

I prob will watch the finals tho... just for the sake.... and that shout out better have been for me :)......[I have dose]....

Adrian said...

i too am disappointed that the clippers lost - though the joy of the mavs finally getting past the spurs is greater (nothing against the spurs and duncan, just need a change).

glad dirk is coming up big!

i'm yet to play a minute of bball this year - hope the weather's good this weekend.

|d®| said...

>G: Just read about your IT woes, as a matter of fact. Aggravating, isn't it?
I like systems up and running all the time. I mean, it's bad enough already that I have to go to work; at least let me be able to work so the day can blow by, nah mean?

>Farmgal: Wsup. Getting by, what can I say. Hope you're doing good.
I think I'll plead the fifth about which sport is better!

|d®| said...

>Msanii: Aaahh, a fellow b-ball enthusiast. That's wsup!
Yeah, I too like the fact that there are so many upsets this playoff season. Like, Rasheed, after winning the 1st 2 games against the Cavs, bragged that they were "guaranteed" to sweep 'em - only to face elimination in game 6! LOL!
About to watch Big Ben and Shaq Diesel go at it - should be interesting, to say the least. Can't wait to see who Wade will dunk over tonight tho, ha ha! Wade's the mo-f_king man.

>Buff: That's right, the finals are always interesting. Matter of fact, start with the conference finals so you can be emotionally entangled to whichever team - lots more interesting when there's passion in it, right?
Was there ever any doubt about the shout-out? :)

>Adrian: Nowitzki is definitely off the chain. A big dude like that with such b-ball finesse is a rarity.
Hope you get you get time to b-ball. Resumed like a month & a half ago & was hurting that first week; hadn't played at all the entire winter!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out....if this is ur way of makin up for a month's worth of being MIA, then u got a looooooong ways to go. Nice start tho. U know i cant let such things slide so easily as i did in like 2000...gotta step it up some, nah'mean? U n ur "vull vorce" need to make it a lil faster than 0-80 in 30 seconds...performance first right? u got a d- in that right now...lol. Aight yo...be good, n again, good lookin out. (oh wait, that was ur line. ma bads..)

381!!! (yea, i went there)

|d®| said...

Wow, you just about did me in with the 381. How do you even remember that?

Happy birthday! Shake stuff up in Bean Town!

Anonymous said...

ummm...yea, there was no shaking up of anything in Bean Town...au contraire...

How do I remember that? Maybe u fail to remember that I tend to retain a lot....

(Told my folks bout that "thou shalt not speak of that which we speak not of...n they were dying)

Here's a double whammy for ya,

Yours truly

Anonymous said...

good look'n out boy,
We'll be heading South this comming weekend for Jr's B-day Sato (hope u do remember) The boy is getting bigger and we need to chop off some horns that are starting to grow. Too tiny for now but u know the boy and his like. More importantly, the Pocket Rocket hasn't seen major highway for a while now and i'm afraid the Vulves may start clogging and you know we cant let that happen, especially with 400+ miles between Family.
So Are you Game?

|d®| said...

>d: I'll holla. Too much to write.

>Ura: You KNOW I'll be there. Hop in to that go-kart & blaze on down here. See you Friday man!

Anonymous said...

I'll also be overhauling the machine there.. bring all that you can for Gathee ... the countdown has started
T minus 48 hrs