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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


In a revelatory mood today, for whatever reason. These moments don't last long but I thrive on spontaneity so here goes, some pics.

I didn't seek permission before putting other people's pics on here. [Hmm, that can't be good now, can it? Maybe I should've asked. Too late.]

Click here to view.

Later y'all.


Anonymous said...

..updating my resume? what are you talking about? what do you mean? i just like the figure of speech..;) A1

Anonymous said...

Cool pictures- same problem as last time.

You are so right. The little boy is just adorable!

Farmgal said...

you have got to stop teasing us like this.

Poi said...

Bring the faces on...

|d®| said...

>A1: An impressive resume will get you the interview, but not necessarily the job! ;)

>Mutumia: LOL @ "same problem as last time." For some reason everyone on my page gets their face blurred out - kinda like in The Ring!

>Farmgal: OK, I'll try really hard to stop! ;)

>Poi: I won't doctor any other one. I'll try not to, anyway!

Thing is, blurring my face out has 'the brown paperbag' effect; as in it's all better when the face is covered up!

Seriously tho, I'll do my best to refrain from defacing any future pics.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics!Good to know a li'l more about you!

Shaggy said...

Man, its either am damn, stupid or just blog savvy or all of the above coz kurundi see NO Pictures.....

What Pic's? What faces? I clicked and some write-up popped up.

Ooh I finally get it, its supposed to be a hahaha joke.

Anonymous said...

BOY we need to talk --to many pamela names Farmgirl,poi,gr
HEY nini inaendelea