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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A NEW >d FOR THE ‘06

I’m back. And yes, I’m not exactly thrilled to be back to the same old same old, but nothing good lasts forever, so someone said.

A week off work can wreak havoc on your ability to work, as I learned first hand today. The vacation was worth every penny though, as crazy as it was. Nothing beats mid-70 degree temperatures in the thick of winter. Had to call everyone I knew and I had to, as a by the way of course, mention that I was walking around in shorts while they were all bundled up trying to ward off 20 and 30-degree temps, not to mention considerably colder precipitation. [Seems like I’m trying to beat Guess over here for the ability to make long, complex sentences, huh?]

As much as you might hate reading it, I’ll write about what went on while in Florida. Not now though coz I need to catch up on shuteye. I can’t leave you hanging so go here to get a sneak preview of what’s coming.


Keep it right here. Happy New Year, everyone!


Poi said...

Happy New Year!

Beautiful pics and thanks for sharing. Hope I don't have nightmares with sharks lol

Congrats on the 203 stairs(?)

Now make sure u tour SeaWorld-CA the very best. Glad you had a good one in FL.

I woke up today morning for some reason I had nolstagia now i figure that the whole feeling beat close to home asin it felt like opening school. And twas a mere week, i just don't get it, aarrgghhh!

>d® said...

Happy New Year to you Poi. I feel you, it sucks to get back to normal, 4 real.

SeaWorld in Cali, huh? I'll make a point of getting there, especially since I enjoyed being at the one in Orlando. Their Cat&Dog show, not to mention the Dolphin show, is off the chain. Amazing stuff.

mutumia said...

eh- so while you were lounging with Shamu we were battling the gridlock and general madness of 95?! In that case- WELCOME BACK!!!!

No I am not bitter.

Nice photos >d® - I was squinting to see if it's true that when you squint at pixellated photos, you can make out what's being 'encrypted'.

No such luck.

Farmgal said...

hey nice pics lakini why is your face and all the other faces blurred?
something wrong with the camera bratha?

will keep an eye for the full storo and welcome back to winter land. oh and work!

>d® said...

>Mutumia - yeah, Shamu and I were chilling; I was trying to count his/her teeth tho but I lost count at 67. True, the pics aren't high-res, but the concentrated pixelation is entirely deliberate, needless to say.

>Farmgal - a cat has to have some mystery about him, no? Besides, I haven't gotten consent yet from the other parties to post their faces. In time girl, in good time! ;)

mutumia said...

>d®: the pics are sawa- it's what's deliberately obscured that my nosy ass was trying to do a ka-low tech anti-adobe on - but as we all know- once smudged/ unfairly hidden- cannot be seen (macho chongo not withstanding *pouts* welcome back bro faw shaw ;)

>d® said...

>Mutumia - I see you're pretty slick, ha ha! Trust me, there really isn't much to see. Shoot, I probably look better with my face blurred out!
Not so for baby boy; he's a pretty lil' mofo.

Farmgal said...

I bet you can sign your consent right away then.

Brother Jero (BJ) said...

Happy New Year. Seems like you had a good time in Florida, back now to reality & the daily grind.

Will keep it here, too.

gishungwa said...

great pictures and the 203 stairs for that i take a bow. have a great year.