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Saturday, December 24, 2005


A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, so imma let pictures do all the talking tonight.

A month or so ago I had a monumental breakthrough. It seems, like the next guy, that I've always known that animals, birds especially, tend to migrate South when wintry weather threatens to fossilize the North. It had never occured to me to try and follow the birds Southward, just for kicks if not for anything else.

I like to go down South coz to me it's so much better there, not to mention warmer. [I realize that was a double entendre ladies. Take that statement any way you will!] This time though, I'll try and go all the way South. I'll be MIA for the next week and a half or so, fortunately or unfortunately, on vacation. Allow me to describe the predicted sequence of events, in pictorial form.

I've been busting my ass at work lately and I feel like I'm

Lately the weather has been

Led by instinct, tonight I will

....Southward. It's a long ass trip so I just might pass through here

... but ultimately end up here.

Maybe I can go here a couple of times....

... or maybe here.

A week or so later though, sadly, I will have to come back to this

Hope it all works out; wish me luck.

Merry Christmas everyone. Have a great new year. Give any new resolutions a half-hearted attempt, at least!



mutumia said...

with great restraint not touching the southern statement... Bon Voyage and happy holidys... with the hulas with job clients and FCPD! You've earned at least 2 pictures (won't say which). Happy holidays!

>d® said...

Earned 2 pictures, huh? Let me know more about what you might mean; sidebar if necessary.

Happy holidays to you too girl. Having a blast so far. I'll let u in on it when I get back.

gishungwa said...

hey first time here. I love the pics and yes they do speak alot. Enjoy your holiday send some chicken wings this way. Happy holidays and blessed new year.
Be back for more for sure.

Farmgal said...

enjoy the break and the sun!
Winter sucks big time!

>d® said...

gishungwa - thanks, vacation's been great so far. Best believe I'll write something about the trip when I get back.

farmgal - Winter sucks! My friends in VA tell me it's been raining and sleeting, and here I am strolling the beach in my trunks! They all hate me right now, 4 real!

Tee j said...

I'm loving ur blog.

Not sure where in florida you are vacationing but, you gotta visit siesta beach while u are down there.

>d® said...

>tee j -
Siesta beach, huh? Gotta check it out next time. Trying to hit South Beach sometime too. I've heard nothing but good stories about it.
*fingers crossed*