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Monday, December 12, 2005


Just got back home; was out of town for the weekend. How was it, you ask? Let’s just say I’m still hurting from whatever went on over the weekend. Had another Henny encounter – not pretty. I didn’t sleep that much either. Had to get over last weekend somehow and I must admit I overdid it this weekend, but it’s all good – gotta let loose somehow. [Click here if new to my page and here when done with the first link – you’ll see what I mean]

On the drive back tonight I was doing some serious thinking. I could do that this time around because I was well within the limits of the posted speed[s] [for once] and didn’t have to keep glancing at the rearview or down and up-shift or swerve in and out of traffic or any other need-for-speed activity that requires considerable concentration. I was thinking about my life in general. In addition to hanging out with the boys I spent considerable time this past weekend with G.R. - my sister from another mother who’s often undercover, who’s wanted by many brothers but who can be replaced by no other - talking about everything and nothing. [Wsup G.R!] I’m not gonna say exactly what we were talking about that made me start thinking coz that would be a violation of G.R.’s and my ‘confidentiality agreement’ but I can sum it up as such:

To any girl that I’ve ever hurt, knowingly or unknowingly, in the past or present, I’m sorry. [To all my boys: yes fellas, I said it.] Not that there’s a lot of girls, no. I’m just now growing up and I regret, and wonder, why I did some of the stupid $hit I used to. It sucks getting hurt, and doubly so when the other party doesn’t give a $hit.

Now that that’s off my chest, l’m out. The same dreary work cycle reverts tomorrow and I need that shuteye. One.


Judy said...

Welcome to the adult world. Dont know a single pal who has not been at this stage yet. Myself included.

Yeah, atone for your sins and then move on. And do try and stay real this time around.

>d® said...

Thanks, Judy. Funny how things change.

guessaurus said...

I will agree with Judy above that that is part of growing up and we (yes, we) all need to realise that everything we do have its consequences. Or in G-speak, Karma will come back and bite you in the arse :)

I see its not only me who has been doing reflections - hmm, I wonder what life in store for me - I have a very positive vibe going on at the moment so I hope you get some of that too (see, I can be nice and share :)

G6 said...

nice sentimental stuff >d join the club and promise yourself to be good to all the others from now on. what goes around comes around. been there, i feel you

Poi said...

Good confessions, nice to have it off of your chest. We all been there.

Might just take it up from you and get down with mine..eeisshhhh :)

gishungwa said...

Great post got me thinking... all past love and friendships....