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Monday, April 04, 2011


Rarely is schoolwork interesting, for me anyway. The other day I was forced to help someone with their business composition assignment, aptly dubbed 'Ewconomics,' and I found myself rather enjoying it.

The premise of this assignment was to try and make something really terrible sound really good, like a used car salesman would. Or an army recruiter. Or the HR people who duped me when I got my first job - you see what I mean.

For instance, the example the instructor gave for #6 went something about the fish really biting right off the beach. See what she did there? Quite clever.

I'm not gonna post my answers since I don't wanna embarrass myself before y'all intellectual types, but feel free to help a brother out with some of these if you'd like. Didi? CB? KK? G? Where y'all at?


3CB said...

I was here. i'll be back. [it's hard to be witty when it's 7 p.m. and you're surfing at a cyber.] PS: hai *waving*

D said...

Hahaha...just saw this. LOL. Next time, alert me to it!