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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It was when I saw a quarter lying on the ground and picked it up that my workmate was like:
I'll bet no one can resist a quarter. That right there started it all.

We're pretty much always bored when here at work. If not that, overloaded with work, which makes something different, anything really, awesome. So you know what that crazy mofo did? He grabbed a couple of quarters and super-glued them to the pavement, one right outside my window and the other in the back of the building, and the rest is history.

The first one to fall for it was the owner of the company right next to ours. He's familiar with our antics so when it didn't budge when he tried to pick it up, he knew exactly what was going on and burst out laughing. He is though, by leaps and bounds, the wittiest of all who've tried to pick that quarter up.

People spend
minutes trying to dislodge it. This one older cat even resorted to trying to kick it loose! That sh*t had me dying. Some other dude fell for the one in the back of the building - and the one at the front! Hilarity.

Are we wrong? Maybe. Is it worth it? Totally.


3CB said...

I started to laugh, then I asked myself exactly how long I would spend trying to dislodge a coin stuck to the ground ... *cough*cough*ahem*ahem* Moving on ...

|d®| said...

Ha ha! Can't say I blame you; I'd probably do the same!

Bee said...

haha times are bad huko. A quarter? I wouldn't even bend to touch it. There are times I have shoved a coin on the floor out of my way. If it's a good amount I normally pick it up and put it on a surface for someone else to pick it up 99% of the time I never find it, it makes me smile knowing someone actually put it in their pocket. I know for a fact if I picked a coin whatever the amount I'll lose it or leave it somewhere, I'm so detached, I often find myself wondering about the person who left it behind.

KK said...

lol! That's some mad Sh!t. Sounds like a fun place you work t. U should be recording it on video.

|d®| said...

>Bee: Wondering about the person who left it behind? That's a definite first! All I think about is:
Hell yes, I'm a quarter closer to that Snickers bar in the vending machine!

|d®| said...

>KK: Trust me, I debated, within myself, whether to record it. Seeing how I'd like to be president one day, I would've needed to contact everyone who was filmed, had them sign release forms, yada yada. Too much work.

But really, it occurred to me too late. Where have you been when I needed your input, huh? ;)

KK said...

lol... You have a blog. You've effectively nulled your chances:)