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Friday, March 04, 2011


I'm full of sh*t, I know: A mere couple of months ago I declared I didn't, and wouldn't, need a better mobile phone. Well, the other day the techie bug hit me with a vengeance and I splurged.
Now I realize just how great it is to be abreast with 21st century technology, and it's an eye-opener.

As anti-Apple as I always am, it means I'm now running Windows 7 on all computers, and Android on the phone. Sweetness. That iPhone 4 is sweet tho, I won't even try and pretend.

Maybe I can now start blogging again, now that I actually want to be on the computer. What are those Facepalm and Twit-whatsitsname things again? Maybe I can reacquaint myself with them.

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