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Friday, February 18, 2011


People are sometimes just gross. I'm starting to understand why The Dishwasher, once he started going to school for that medical stuff, became a borderline germaphobe. Not to say I'm getting there, but I'm now acutely aware of how nasty people can get.

I'm right now sitting at my desk at work, feeling like I need to disinfect everything in sight, all the while while listening to J. Cole. [Like the little engine that could, that lil n*gga is good. He said so himself, and he's right]

OK. Back to the story.

This same thing happened yesterday, incidentally, but with a different person: A little while ago I was hovering around the bathroom area, right by the 'watering hole,' when I heard the toilet flush. The door promptly opened and some dude got out, newspaper in hand.

"Whatever you do, don't go in there," he quipped. "15, 20 minutes at least."

That's right - he dropped a deuce and didn't wash his hands. WTF?! I'm sorry, but that's just nasty. I can excuse the occasional piss without washing one's hands, but a #2? Getthefuckouttahere. Then I'll be out there, see the same dude and give him a pound? The very thought of shaking a doodoo-flecked hand gives me the willies.

Where those disinfecting wipes at? I think I see some discolorations on my keyboard. Oh wait, what's that outside?

All better now.

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