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Friday, October 08, 2010


Sitting here at my 'command center' [work] at seven in the morning, I'm having one of those contemplative moments about life. You know, kinda like the 'intellectual' jibber jabber that ensues while intoxicated with a bunch of friends.

I don't know why I never thought about it, but I live a destructive lifestyle. Most of us do, anyway. Is the human forever destined to live this way? I mean, all I do is work and go back home and not much else. Of course I'm glad I have a job, especially in this recession of sorts, don't get me wrong. But that's the problem right there - I'm supposed to be glad I have a job. I'm supposed to work all day. I'm supposed to pay my bills on time. I'm supposed to do all these things, and I've no idea why I'm supposed to. Who the hell thinks they're the boss of me?

Why, just the other day someone suggested that since, for the first time ever, I've been in a relationship a couple of years now, I should think about marriage. And I know exactly what would happen next - if we were to jump the broom, we'd be expected to spit kids out immediately. Why? Who said that's how things have to be done?

But I have a solution, my friends. Since this society is irreparably flawed, there isn't any point in trying to change it. What I need to do is start a completely new civilization. In that civilization, I'd keep out the things that plague our society [money, politics, OFFICE WORK, Apple computers, dentists] and keep the good like electricity, [a completely new] internet, PCs, smart phones and cars.

All I'd need is a deserted island somewhere along the equator. Since it'd be perpetually warm, I'd mandate that the women wear as little as possible. [What? It'd be hot there!] The only work that would be done is work that would ensure sustenance, like farm-work and masonry, computer and auto repair. Everyone would be required to work out an hour a day minimum - no lard allowed. Vegetarianism would be outlawed. There'd be no PETA, and every man would own a cat and every woman a dog. [It'd help them understand one other - the simplicity of man and complexity of woman]

*Yawn* Oh man, it's 8AM already? Now I'm up. What the hell am I talking about?! Back to work!


D said...

i was gonna say..at what point does B.O.B coe thru and snap you out of your fantasy?

D said...


|d®| said...

Nah, he knows by now that I don't - no, won't - talk in the mornings so he lets me be. For the most part, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I was having a vaguely similar conversation with myself while The hub looked on LOL. Let me just say Society and its bloody ass norms went to hell already, we are just sitting around paying lip service to the remnants of the undead generation .. ahem .. yes, and I don't drink anymore so what is my excuse! Coffee anyone??

But ... I get your frustration. Me mum called me the other day and she was like: When are you having a baby and naming ME??? My answer: Seriously, Mother, you already have 3 offsprogs of your offsprogs named after YOU, what else do you want, Beatification .. Ok I didn't say that but I told her to leave me alone, I was happy with recreation, procreation be damned.

Can I join the commune? I'll bring a dog.

In other news, I (finally) read 61hrs. I am sure even Reacher would not approve. He is headed to your neck of the woods next. Be afraid. Can't wait to read: 'Worth Dying For'.

Now, get back to work, time will run faster and before you know it, Bob's your uncle LOLOLOL

NiKolaS said...

May i come join you? That would be fucking Utopia!

|d®| said...

>Anon: Ah, I see what you did there! Nah, not my uncle - more like an 800-pound gorilla strapped to my back!

Best believe I'm waiting on 'Worth Dying For.' The very day it comes out it'll be Kindled over to me. Can't wait!

>Nik: Sure! All that's needed for citizenship is a case of beer!