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Monday, December 07, 2009


The male mind is, to put it simply, an oasis. Or, more correctly, it fancies itself an oasis - an oasis that mermaids [read: women] are irresistibly drawn to, that have an infinite amount of confiscated booty and a sh*tload of of aged rum. Sounds mighty attractive, doesn't it KK?

I need to take that notion and tuck it away inside some tiny box, along with silly suppositions like girls don't fart & salesmen don't lie, then throw that box into the depths of the ocean - or in the toilet bowl. [It'd probably end up in the same place anyway.]

And in case you're wondering why I'm in such a seemingly befuddled mood, I'm right now all Nyquil-ed out. Flus suck ass; hope I don't have medicine-head tomorrow.

And this doggone semester is almost over with, thank God. Come find me the weekend of the 18th and I'm buying shots. Word.


3CB said...

I'm thinking ... oasis implies the rest of the male - the part that's not in the mind - is a desert?

Ok that's as far as that train of thought went before I got distracted by sth shiny *cheeky grin*

Guessaurus said...

Oh no! I had 'stomach flu' for a full week two weeks ago. Could not even drink water without it coming back up, till I gave up. Every part of my body hurt, especially my tummy. Lost copious amount of weight. Feel bad for you - get better soon.

How are you otherwise?

|d®| said...

>CB: Trust you to think that up. lol! And no, not a desert. The ocean, perhaps. Scratch that - a swamp!

>Guess: Sorry you had to go thru that. Stomach flus are the worst; glad you're all better.
The Nyquil did the trick and I'm all better today. I guess that means I'm doing good. & how're you?

Anonymous said...
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KK said...

uh oh... missed this. Hope you got over the cold. Did you say rum?

|d®| said...

Ha ha! I suspected that would get your attention, as much as you like The Captain! Or was it the mention of the booty that did it?