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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Praise be! Mr. Ericsson is back! Allow me to explain:

My cellie has been acting weird for a while now. It all started while taking footage of my boy V^6 blasting his crazy-fast Vee-Dub down the dragstrip - the camera feature wouldn't work. Maybe the decibel levels, not to mention the hydrocarbons in the air, were to blame. I disassembled and reassembled Mr. Ericsson, threatened, cajoled, sweet-talked it to full functionality, all to no avail - the camera wouldn't work.

Well, today I had an epiphany. I went to Sony Ericsson's website and downloaded and installed the phone's latest firmware. But not before completely backing up my contacts and the texts I needed saved - I'm not a complete bonehead. I've done that before tho and lost all phone #s and stuff, but I know better now. Once bitten, twice shy, they say.

And would you know it, the phone's now good as new! Everything works as it should, and I wasted no time snapping away at anything in my sights. Like, this was during one of my breaks from work.

And this I took while in class tonight. Notice the [apparent] complexity of the subject matter; it can be rather difficult to absorb after a long workday.

But who cares - I finally have a camera of sorts! Still haven't replaced the 'real' camera, which is still sorely missed - and this will, meanwhile, make it all better.

Maybe, in my next life, I should be a photographer. Preferably, dear Vishnu, taking pics of swimsuit models all year long.


Hip-Hop phrase of the day:

"I just had an epiphany, I need to go to Tiffany's
Fendi on my slippers and my cookies always slippery..."

Nicki Minaj in Yo Gotti's 5-Star Chick


3CB said...

The camera is pretty much the only feature on my Chinese Nokia that actually works! Though i spotted Princess using the voice recorder and video feature with her pals recently ... I didn't even know it HAD a video feature **puzzled smile** I wonder if she can get the MP3 player to function, or the radio ;-)

SEAnswers said...


Glad to see your phone is up and running again.
Glad our Update Service helped. It's funny how the "simple" things can sometimes solve big issues!

Sony Ericsson Answers Team

KK said...

Good for you my friend. BTW I never thanked you for the books. Very much appreciated. I just got finished reading 'My Neighbor's wife'... Very enlightening. Thanks Again:)

Anonymous said...

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|d®| said...

>CB: Chinese Nokia? From alibaba.com, perhaps? lol!
Dang, hope your MP3 feature works; I live off mine. And the radio. And the flashlight. And, of course, the camera.
& I feel u - my lil cuz knows more about my own phone than I do. I caught him doing something and was like: You can do that?

>SEA: That was easily one of the most painless updates I've ever had to do. And thanks for building a great phone. [W810i] Wish it had A2DP tho!

>KK: You're welcome! I was wondering whether you got the books; glad you're enjoying them.

>Anon: Uh, ok.

Anonymous said...
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