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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Good Lord!! Where does the time go?! Like Melanie Fiona says, It Kills Me! At this rate I'll be 75 in no time, boyish as ever, hitting on skimpily-clad associates at the nursing home!

Sidebar: I'll be damned if I'm one day sent to a nursing home. It's one short step up from a looney bin, it seemed - that's when I visited such an establishment. The very sight of incapacitated and unloved geriatrics damn near broke my sometimes-fragile-but-will-kick-your-ass-any-day heart.

Speaking of age, school has a way of aging yours truly. I especially hate that damned homework. The image below very accurately depicts how it really is. [Courtesy of GraphJam.com]

Best believe I'll be back to blogging, vull vorce, in a few, soon as I get this one godforsaken project off my back.


[C-Villain - you'll be happy to know this section's back!]

Hip-Hop verse of the day:

"Used to bomb you like Saddam but now that I’m a lil' calmer
I'm a f*cking cross between Osama, Dahmer, Obama and Dalai Lama
Tell Miley I'm her knight in shining armor..."

Eminem in BET's The Cypher, 2009.


gishungwa said...

I am consoled, i have a project due in two weeks that should have been done in July. As usual the pressure is on to get it done if i want to graduate. All the best in beating the deadline.

3CB said...

Oooh you amsha-d Gish. yay!! now back to the disturbing image of skimpily clad geriatrics ... **shudder**

|d®| said...

>Gish: Good luck with your project; best believe I can relate. If it's any consolation, I just got done with mine, and you will too.

But alas, another ginormous one lurks in my inbox - story of my life. Will I get started on it today? Hell to the no! It's Friday!

>CB: What? Oh no, hell no - not skimpily-clad geriatrics! Trust me, that very image gives me the willies! I was talking about the staff; they're typically pretty young thangs!

d'moiselle said...

hilarious graph! best wishes for the xmas season dR, and a prosperous 2010 to you!