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Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I got to thinking about this as I got the car re-inspected:

I've changed. So much so, in fact, that I'd scarcely recognize myself if I met me 10 years ago. For instance, I would've been trying to think of ways to weasel my way into getting the car inspected, maybe by finding a shop that bent the rules, but instead I fixed all the 'problems' it had and got it re-inspected. What?! Even I am surprised at that!

But even more so are plenty of other subtle changes that have come to define the me today. With each passing day I realize what an idiot I'd been when I was younger.

Case in point, consider Jesus' 'itinerary.' He started the body of his work when he was 30, and by the time he died [and rose] at 33 had accomplished in 3 years more than all of us combined probably will in a lifetime. Jesus was God, for Heaven's sake [pun intended], so he could've started whenever he wanted, even at like 2 years old, but he waited till he was 30. Coincidence? I think not - the male doesn't reach full maturity till he's 30.

More and more I'm feeling like Wily Coyote, in the picture up top, in that I've finally captured my life and my destiny after all these years. [Or in Wiley's case, captured Roadrunner] What I now need to do is pin my roadrunner down, examine it, then figure out what in the world I'm supposed to do with myself.

Life has a not-too-funny way of showing you the ropes, but some of the harsher lessons I've had to learn over the years might be these:

- There is no such thing as having enough money. Even Bill Gates is still hustlin'.

- Nothing is free, material or otherwise. Not even love/strong like. You WILL [re]pay.

- Save motherf*cker, save. Even if it's KES100 a month, do it. Maintain that cheddar cushion. Finance experts say you should have at least 6 months' worth of savings that maintain your current lifestyle. Yeah, like that's doable. I'm trying tho.

- Distinguish between needs and wants. For instance, I want a pair of sneakers, but I need to pay rent. If I got the sneakers I'd be short on rent. Capiche?

- Living by oneself is priceless. And pricey.

- Men and women will never completely understand each other. But they could try harder.

- If you find a girl/guy whose perks outweigh their demerits, hang on to them. There's no such thing as the perfect shawty, but the pickings are slim these days, so if someone makes you even remotely happy, try and see what else they've got; most out there won't make you happy at all.

- Once you're in a committed relationship, temptation is aplenty. *Ishindwe!*

Dang, I've lots more stuff but Rihanna's 'whiny' but captivating vocals [lyrics below] are distracting me, as I write this. Either she's getting better or I'm getting accustomed to her singing, but either way she sounds real good. Sorry, but when music so much as gestures, I run toward it. Resistance is futile.


Hip-Hop verse of the day:

"Life's a game but it's not fair
I break the rules so I don't care
So I keep doing my own thing
Walking tall against the rain..."

Rihanna in Jay Z's Run This Town


3CB said...

Deep. Me like :-) But i think 30 is scarier for a chick than a guy. While guys reach 'full maturity' at 30, African girls are pretty much considered to have expended their shelf-life by then. Though over-30s do have the option to skip the kids and pull a cougar now, so yay?

NiKolaS said...

shall i say an amen to this post?

you have nailed it to the firewall you have. :o)

as you can tell, i am feeling my 30s. ahem.

cloudvillian™ said...

*And the church said, Amen!*

Brilliant post, man.

|d®| said...

>CB: lol @ shelf-life.
Nah, I think it makes perfect sense to get into serious relations after 30. That way you'll have sifted through all the bullsh*t to something real. You feel me?

>Nik: That's wsup. Glad you're feeling the 30s, as you should. Like Jay so eloquently put it, 30's the new 20.

>The Villain: Thanks, man. Random moment of inspiration, as I always put it.