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Friday, September 18, 2009


And now, the news:

This past Sunday, after watching Kanye [literally] steal Taylor Swift's show, I knew this and last week were exceptionally tumultuous to celebrities of the tanned variety, i.e. black. Interesting, to say the least.

Not only did Kanyeazy get all remorseful on Jay Leno's new show the following day, but Obama called him "a jackass" on tape. Talk about a presidential bitch-slap. I know he felt that one, as much as he loves Obama. But the real culprit in this is the snitch of a reporter who Tweeted what O had just said off camera. Tweeter's getting everybody in trouble these days.
Lesson to learn: Lay off the Yak.

Then, Michael Jordan goes off at his Hall of Fame acceptance speech, dissing his coach for cutting him from varsity. Ooohweee! He probably used that as fuel to be better. But he should know that, and be thankful for it, big baby.
Lesson to learn: Everything we go through contributes to who we are today.

And how's Lil' Mama gonna get up on stage while The Jiggaman and Alicia Keys were performing? Sh*t, I don't blame them for being mad at that. Fans on stage is one thing, but D-list celebs? Hell to the naw!
Lesson to learn: Don't try to include yourself in something you aren't a part of.

Then, Whitney goes and bares her soul on Oprah. Took her 2 shows to do it. For what it's worth, I'm glad - rather, I hope - she left that Bobby Brown for good. A caveman could see he was never good for her. But then again, love makes fools of all of us.
Lesson to learn: To move forward, cut off everything / everyone that's holding you back.

And how about Serena Williams cussing a judge out, resulting in her losing the match? Don't get me started; it's a double standard at its worst. I rather enjoyed the outburst though. Tennis is such a stuck-up sport; the players aren't 'allowed' to express any emotion except exhilaration after winning. Tennis is hard work; the players have to pull some amazing feats sometimes. And you're telling me they can't show a little rage? C'mon. I wish every sport was like ice hockey.
Lesson to learn: Serena's the truth! Tenacity doesn't get more curvaceous.

Of course, all these were great fodder for the news networks, especially Fox News. That Sean Hannity and, particularly, that doggone Glenn Beck, really enjoyed these past weeks. Anyone who believes whatever conspiracy theories that maniac Glenn spins is an idiot, period - they'd probably give out their banking info to that Nigerian millionaire, via email. Glenn's a great actor though, to his credit, but there's no mistaking his snake oil salesman routine. It reeks through the screen.
Lesson to learn: News is merely entertainment. Never forget that.

In other news, school's kicking major butt. That's why I'm a little rare these days. But what to do.

And I'm embarrassed to admit that I, a self-proclaimed car guy, has been neglecting my very own whip - hadn't changed my cold-air filter in eons. Just for comparison's sake, check out its replacement to the right. That's how it's supposed to look like when clean. Yeah, I'm really trippin'.

Y'all have a good weekend. Happy b-day to Udi, Mato & Alex. Shout out to The Dishwasher. Y'all raise hell this weekend.


Hip-Hop verse of the day:

"...I like a girl that'll roll me a blunt, you know
With pretty feet, cook me something to eat, you know
You're not a groupie, you're international..."

Red & Meth in Mrs. International


Leenda said...

Yak? Thanks for the new vocab!!

|d®| said...

lol! You're welcome!

3CB said...

At the risk of re-exposing my blondness ... the burgundy one is way prettier ...

|d®| said...

Ha ha! You're absolutely right - it does look better, not to mention it's got better airflow.

Wait, could this have something to do with you liking the burgundy color? Or Merlot?