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Monday, April 20, 2009


Now that I got that out of my system, [see previous post] I'm back to regular programming, so to speak. Why waste time being irate, right? Life is too short as it is to waste it on negative energy.

So, finals are fast approaching and as usual I'm ill prepared for them. What's worse, in 2 of the 3 classes I'm taking this semester, the finals are gonna be a b*tch. One instructor said the finals would cover, and I quote, "everything we've covered so far." F*cking A. As if that wasn't bad enough, there will also be a 6-minute presentation that'll be part of the final grade. How the hell do I talk about spark plugs for 6 entire minutes when I can knock it out in 2 minutes flat? I guess I'll just have to overwhelm with unnecessary detail. Great.

Then, the other instructor gleefully told us there would be 100 questions in the final. 100?! Holy crap! But that's better than, say, 20 questions, where a single question is worth 5 whole points. Still....

The third class tho is the easiest. I already know what's gonna be in it, and I've got 3 entire weeks to hand it in. How dope is that? Plus, we're pretty much done covering the syllabus so all we do these days is mess with our own vehicles. Like, Thursday I was changing brake pads & fixing some electrical issues. All that would've cost a couple of hundred bucks had I taken it to a repair shop. Sweet.


Since I design signs like these for a living, and much more, it irks me to no end when I see layouts like these, below.

- First, there's no reason any text should be italicized.
- They should've used a single font, not 2.
- At least they made the top line larger.
- A typo on a sign with such few words is inexcusable.
- I detest the Avant Garde font
- Most of the wording is unnecessary. If anything, it should simply read:

And this took me all of 90 seconds to set up.


Hip-hop phrase of the day:

"I hate Soulja Boy!"



Anonymous said...

don't be hatin on Soulja Boy!! he got game!!!!!!!!!

nikolas said...

dude. you summed up that sign beautifully.

now, about the tinkering bit, i just love doing that to my own car, going to school to do it tho might just be out of the question but may be necessary soon.

Loco said...

Okay, woosah! Let's practice our breathing, hehe, repeat after me "I shall not fantasize about tearing that sign into pieces, the sign is not my enemy!" LOL! You'd go absolutely insane if you were to come here and see the sign in the lift at our office buiding. It says "Incase of fire run around and screaming FIRE! FIRE! API! API!"

KK said...

I feel you on the other post... Finally figured you can't cure people from being people, so I just laugh situations off and keep doing my thing.
As for your tinkering bit, I sure wish u lived closer to my neck of the woods. I could surely use a knowledgeable cat to help me out with the piece of crap I ended up in.

|d®| said...

>Anon: Soulja Boy can suck my M-F d*ck. He's the main contributor to rap's...er, bad rap, pun intended. Heard his 'Turn My Swag On' joint? Despicable, as Daffy would put it!

>Nikolas: Trust me, I wouldn't dare mess with my car before so you're way better that I was. But the day we disassembled an engine & put it back together, and IT RAN, was the day I learned I could do anything.

>Loco: You're kidding about that sign,right? I hope you are, coz I'm about to come over there and... and.. I don't know what I'll do to it, but best believe it won't be pretty!

>KK: You're right about that - live & let live. What's hard-wired into people is seldom reprogrammable, if at all.

Dang, hope the new ride isn't that bad. But anything might seem a little ruff around the edges compared to that VR6,[RIP] I might imagine.

KK said...

Oh! It's bad alright... A GM too. Can't believe that my 00 VW was so much better than an 05 chevy. No wonder GM's in the mess they are in right now. Granted they have since improved if their 09 line is anything to go by but, I'll be damned if I'll ever make the mistake of buying any of their whips again.

|d®| said...

Sorry dawg. I hope, for your sake, that it isn't a Cobalt. We've got one '05 at school that we mess with & it's as basic transportation as they come. The newer ones, like you said, are light-years better.