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Monday, March 30, 2009


I haven’t had TV in the past couple of weeks and truth be told, I’d never thought it made such a difference. I only have 2 shows I watch on the regular, 24 and Nip/Tuck, and it’s been pissing me off to no end that I have to wait till the following day to catch them online.

[Hulu.com rules. It’s nice having all my shows on one site.]

Maybe it’s the lack of ambient noise I mostly use the TV for, or maybe it’s just the fact that I can’t watch anything, that bothers me so much. Best believe if the cable guy [hopefully not Larry] doesn’t come thru today I’ll act a fool. But at least the internet’s working; I’d much rather lose TV than internet. Real world proof: my lil' cousins connect to the web using their beloved Xbox 360° to watch NetFlix movies on their TV. I was thoroughly impressed. Apparently TVs will eventually be rendered obsolete.

And speaking of TVs, I moved to a new spot about a month ago and while moving stuff to the new place, tired quickly. After 9 hours of work and 5 hours of school I wasn’t exactly light on my feet so I was trying to move the stuff as quickly as possible so I could squeeze in 4-5 hours of sleep. On this particular trip I was moving the electronics, i.e. the computer and its various devices and peripherals, from the backseat to the sidewalk. Seeing how my PC is also my TV, home theatre system, movie player and all-round entertainment center, I should’ve been handling it like a baby. Mental fatigue, though, impaired my judgment and I placed my beloved monitor on the slim case of the PC.

As I was walking back to the car to grab some more stuff I saw, in my peripheral vision, the PC slip on something, maybe a pebble, and the monitor teetered for a long, terrible moment before finally succumbing to gravity, but I was already moving. Only a few feet away, I lunged for it, literally diving to catch it, knowing it would hurt when I hit the ground. To my horror, right beyond my reach the monitor's top right corner hit the pavement with a crack that resounded deep in my soul and milli-seconds later I hit the ground hard, leaving some skin on the concrete.

Expecting the worst, I inspected the monitor but to my surprise and relief it was intact, save for a scuff at the point of impact. Which goes to show LCD displays are sturdier than they seem. I'd always thought they were eggshell-like in fragility.

"Need some help carrying that stuff in?" a smoldering female voice inquired. Mortified, I looked up and, sitting on the front steps of her house in her bathrobe, cigarette dangling, was a middle-aged lady. [whom I later nicknamed Smokestacks - every time I get out the house she's out there smoking] She wore an expression of undisguised amusement, obviously having witnessed my antics and the monitor's near-demise.

Muttering incomprehensibly in the negative, I started moving stuff inside, careful and unhurried this time.


Hip-hop quote of the day:

"I had to ask [ax?] her what she doing in that Caddy
She said 'Coz you're my baby I be stuntin' like my Daddy'..."

Fabolous in Jamie's & Ne-Yo's She Got Her Own


31337 said...

dude, you and your monitor sharing skin with pavement? not cool. :-)

tv is obsolete. not really, not for a while.


|d®| said...

You almost make us seem intimate, the monitor & I. lol!

Trust me tho, it hurt like a mofo - only after I established that the monitor was fine!

31337 said...

its called adrenalin. you notice injuries much too much later.

|d®| said...

Kinda like being in a major traffic incident and being like: Damn! My car's f*cked!", then looking down and seeing blood dripping on the shirt from the nose, which the airbag had just broken.

True story, btw.