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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Damn, it’s cold. Either it’s colder these days than it’s been these past winters, or I’m getting older. It’s common knowledge that the elderly are perpetually cold - go figure. My work-buddy and I, for whatever reason, were talking about how tight it would be to be retired. Retired with money that is – very important.

With your investments working for you, all you’d do is globe-trot, soak up [UV] rays on exotic beaches, drive cars with names you couldn’t even pronounce, and basically live it up. Of course it would help to have someone by your side, a significant other or maybe just a companion. Unlike younger people who spend all their free time having sex, you’d actually spend more time doing other things.

Not to say being older doesn’t have its drawbacks. I can imagine the physical deterioration, the inflexibility, the wizening of the features. All that is inevitable so hey, whatever. But now that I’m reasonably young and spry, [though D would disagree] I’ll do my darndest to do all I physically can.

And why are most older people so grumpy? There’re none better than happy geriatrics; I love to see an old, happy person. Most I see carry perpetual scowls that are permanently etched into the features. I hope I never turn out like that, so help me God.

Don’t worry, be happy, damnit.


Hip-hop quote of the day:

"I know that sex ain't gonna keep you
But as my equal that's how I must treat you
As my reflection in light I'mma lead you
And whatever's right I'mma feed you.."

Common in The Light


Anonymous said...

I see you read Asterix & Obelix...

|d®| said...

Ah, I see you caught that! Loved those comics; read every single one of them.

Hmmm, why am I suddenly hungry for wild boar?

KK said...

Loved them too. I chanced upon one a cpl of yrs back in a comics store and was like a kid with his favorite candy.... But reading it just wasn't quite the same.

|d®| said...

See, I was afraid of that, that it would suck if I read those comics now. I'll let you know how it goes; I'll try and find one of them.