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Thursday, February 19, 2009


I'm convinced. I mean, it's undeniable - we're a much dumber generation than those who lived through the 19th & 20th centuries, for real. Scientifically dumber, that is.

And I'll tell you why: almost everything we now know and use on an everyday basis is merely an improvement on what had already been invented. Today's technology merely assists in miniaturization and improved efficiency, but there are hardly any breakthrough technologies, any concepts that are entirely new.

Like, people back in the day must've at first thought the dude that invented the radio was off his rocker. What, transmit stuff through the air? Ludacris... I mean, LUDICROUS concept. How about the Wright brothers? What in the world had possessed them to make them think they could make some contraption that could fly? Or how about the sicko that invented the gun, the electric chair?

Point being, consider the automobile. You may be surprised to know that since its inception, it's been virtually unchanged. [Save the invention of the rotary engine] I'm talking about its basic operation, how it runs. All that changes is the refinement, the efficiency; the polish, if you will. Which means that the person who did it the first time around did it so well it's never been deemed necessary to deviate from the original concept.

Case in point, I took the photo below while in my manual transmissions class.
- Top: Shifter mechanism
- Bottom left: Counter shaft inside transmission case
- Right: Main shaft; gears mesh with those on counter shaft

It's mind-boggling how it works, how brilliant it is. Funny how we take it for granted. It was originally designed so well no one could do it better. Of course there are now automatics and CVTs, but manual transmissions have all worked the same since their inception. Curious? See HowStuffWorks.

In comparison, what's the 21 century's greatest invention? The iPod?

In other news, how brilliant is the US's new [and 1st black] attorney general, Holder? Check out a portion of his latest speech.


Hip Hop quote of the day:

"Baby, I touch paper, so much paper
We can split it down the middle like Dutch paper
And for real, I don't even call it paper
I got money out the ass, so it's toilet paper
Shawty good money in the back area
Curve on her hip make me wanna Blackburry* her..."

[*I likes that, the wordplay]

Fabolous in Red Cafe's Paper Touchin'

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