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Thursday, September 18, 2008


Thank God for twisted minds, for real.

Like, thanks to my [apparent] fluency, I was asked by a friend to come up with 3 separate words to describe her boobs, and to use those words in sentences. She and I are just friends and talk a lot of smack, but I still was taken aback. Then I was intrigued, and couldn't help myself from committing to the task.

These are the words I came up with: Globes | Orbs | Mounds.

And these are the sentences I came up with:

- "His heart skipped a beat as she unlocked her lips from his, took a little step back, smiling all the while and, seemingly in slow-motion, lifted her shirt up, revealing twin globes the color of creamy caramel."

- "The thin fabric of her T-shirt could barely contain the voluminous mounds that threatened to break free from the fabric."

- "Standing there, silhouetted against the floodlights, he couldn't help but notice the glorious orbs whose ample proportions, thanks to the bright light and see-thru material of her shirt, were clearly evident."


Tsk tsk.


3CB said...

boys will be boys...

Kenya's Dopest Chic said...

more than twisted..sick!!

|d®| said...

>CB: Ain't that the truth!

>KD: Ha ha! Tell me about it!

Disco Muthenya said...

Good job.you managed to achieve you task of both coming up with the 3 words as well as forming good sentenses that didn't come off as sleezy or just plain juvenille.who was your english teacher? :-)

Anonymous said...

girls has been a popular one.

totally above board too.

she took the girls for a night out.

he went to town on the girls.

that second one, a tad suspect though.

|d®| said...

>Disco Muthenya: Thanks. Truth be told tho, my English teachers would probably be horrified at how my grammar has deteriorated; this place does that to you.

>Eleet: Went to town? Quite suspect, I agree.