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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Trust Google to do something different while advertising their new browser, Chrome. These cats had someone draw up a cartoon to explain it. How Googly is that? I tried it out tho and like it already. Matter of fact, I'm posting this up with it.

And how great was Obama's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention? Dude makes you believe he - we - can change the world. The Republican National Convention, comparatively, is .... wait a sec - *yawn* - uninspiring, to say the least. And McCain chose Palin? I almost feel sorry for her, being McCain's pawn and all. And I particularly cringed when Laura Bush said something to the effect of 'President Bush has kept the people safe.' What?!
"Laura, the aliens called. They want you, and their anal probe, back,"
I say.

And did you catch the DNC online in real-time, bandwidth permitting? The stream was in High Definition - ridiculously good. At this rate no one will need a TV anymore.

And how about Kate McAlpine's rap about CERN's ginormous particle accelerator? It's guaranteed to bring a smile to every science-head's face.


31337 said...

me i am upset that chrome came out for windoze instead of linux and mac where i live. sigh.

|d®| said...

Windoze? Funny.
That sucks. I'd be pissed too, even tho they say Mac/Linux versions are in the works.