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Friday, August 01, 2008


And now, some Hip-Hop & RnB stuff:

-How's Missy gonna have a joint called Best Best, Ashanti a joint called Good Good and 3-6 Mafia one called Lolli Lolli? Is the deuce for emphasis?

- Why does every rapper wanna 'sing' these days? Those synthesized vocals are getting annoying.

- Jordin Sparks apparently lurrves Chris Brown. You can bet Rihanna's green eyes keep watch 24-7.

- Yung Berg doesn't like dark-skinned women. [Not to be confused with black women] He prefers black women who are light-skinned and doesn't like, and I quote him, dark butts. Wow.

- DJ Khaled needs to shut the f*ck up. That:
DJ Khaled! We the best! Who?! We n*gga! makes me wanna put my fist right through the nearest wall.

- When Ja Rule back in the day, in some joint, rapped about Ashanti's thick legs & thick thighs, he wasn't kidding. She really got the Good Good. Lawd, I love that video.

- Could it be? Does Busta prefer the hairier sex?

- Fontzworth Bentley's new video with Andre 3-Stacks, Kanye & Sa-Ra is soooo tight. Funny, funny stuff. Watching Kanye doing his thing is hilarious, especially.

- T.I. still got it.

- What the hell does Shawty Lo talk about?
"Like Kels I can fliz-zy"?
"..na na na", "...ha ha ha"?

- Karina Pasian might be the next big thing in RnB. But what do I know?

- Beyoncé, staying true to the To The Left & Take a Bow themes, has a new one, 'Kick Him Out.'


Alright, I'll keep going on with this, & I'm on the clock, so I'll stop. Y'all have a good, music-filled weekend, you dig?

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