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Monday, March 31, 2008


*This post is for entertainment purposes only. It may even be fictional. >d®-money is not responsible for, nor will he admit to, any parallels that might be drawn from it.*


What a perfectly dreary day. Cold & wet out there, no phones ringing here at work, no emails coming in, nothing. These are, again, the perfect conditions for daydreaming. Only today it's not so much daydreaming as it is reminiscing:

The confident, unpretentious gait.
The things she makes one inadvertently say, stuff like:
I'd rather be older, smarter and scarred than young, stupid and unblemished.
The absolute concentration when working on her paperwork.
The way the heart hammers at her mere touch.
How well the bodies fit together, nice & easy.
That half-smile in the semi-darkness.
The impossibly warm body, lithe & surprisingly strong.
Pencil-eraser-sized white-hot peaks searing bare upper-body flesh.

*sigh* If only I could teleport.


Wow. That sun better be out tomorrow. Can't afford to be a victim of my imagination.


Anonymous said...

.....Pencil-eraser-sized white-hot peaks searing bare upper-body flesh..........

Pass what you are smoking!

|d®| said...

Ha ha! Yeah, I'm trippin'. I'm lovin' it tho!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmhhh ...for lack of anything to say


|d®| said...

lol! In hindsight, even I am rendered speechless! But then again, I'm not idle today.

Kenya's Dopest Chic said...

Okay...teleport? i can help u with tha one..i seriosuly think i do so in my sleep without knowing...Australia maybe?
Happy fools day!

|d®| said...

Crikey! Australia? Sounds like a plan. It'd be Japan first for me tho. Always wanted to go there.

Right back atcha - Fools Day. Play any pranks?