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Sunday, January 27, 2008


Pure sweetness, the new comp. Well, a couple of months old.
Now to get used to Windows Vista.

Snow sucks. Only good thing about it is when I find a deserted parking lot and drift.
Here's how it looked like during one of VA's bleak snowfalls, before....

....and after, a few measly inches at best. But hey, could be worse - I could be in Boston.
[Yeah, CK. What?]

Believe you me, these were supposed to turn out cookies. Lil' cuz was a little short on flour tho, but decided to go ahead anyway & make 'em. Too funny.

The dash of one of Lexus' smaller trucks.
Comparing this interior to my Mitsu's is almost like comparing a canoe's to a yacht's. Even Jeremy of Top Gear said that being inside a Lancer is like sitting in, and I quote, a bin-liner. How's he gonna trash my car like that, pun intended?

[This had me in stitches]
What is that sticker shamelessly affixed to this Camry below, highlighted?

Oh no, it can't be! The humanity!! But alas, it is - Nissan's logo for the beloved Skyline GTR. But on a Toyota? And on something as docile as a Camry?! Curses!!


Now to go face the workweek. *groan*


Anonymous said...

That reminds me of Croc Dundee when he whips out a panga and calls it a knife in comparison to the other guy's knife. What you call snow is like the condensation that forms on mirrors when taking hot showers.

Anonymous said...

dont get used to vista...download a linux distro or at worst just install XP..unless you have 4 gigs of ram in that sweet case...

i shall try drifting on snow but i understand i have to learn how to drive on it first...

cookies? where? hehe!!

that is ghastly! my word! i would prefer the bin...ANYDAY all that mbao...the horror!!

^^ apply the last bit for the logo...and me, i want one...the line of the sky..hehe!!

just a concern, a lot of your pics and videos have cars in them....

ck, waaaah!! i sit back and watch the bloodletting...

|d®| said...

>CK: Condensation, huh? You're a regular riot, I see. Trying to throw stones while in a glass house, eh? Imma come at you like the old 50 Cent - before he got his teeth all fixed up.

But yeah, snow for us is more like slush - melts and morphs into some stuff with the consistency of strawberry jam. Great for fun but horrendous for traffic flow, coz cars smack into each other right & left.

>Aegeus: Tried Red Hat once, now that I think about it. Nah, 2GB DDR2 is max for me. Has a dual-core processor, at least; 250GB SATA-300 HDD. Hmmm, I just might take you up on your Linux suggestion, if only to challenge myself.

Ati mbao? LMFAO! Nah, trust me, Mr. Ericsson's 2 mega-pixels don't exactly bring out the lustre - it really is gorgeous. Plus, the techno-wizardry in there is phenomenal - heated seats, mirrors, the works.

Shoot, if you've driven through mud - and pulled through - then snow should be a breeze. And you're right, I do talk quite a bit about cars. But then again, that's all I ever do - work and drive.

Thank God for Ms. Got-a-body then, coz now I've more stuff to think about. Soon, hopefully, I'll have more stuff to do! lol!

Anonymous said...

nice machine....how many hz'ses are the processors? heated seats sound nice, massage would be even better...then there are these new fangled citroens that vibrate the seats if you cross the white line...hehe guess where i shall drive...

learnt on the stuff, the guys who invented traction control consulted me...front wheel drive ascending 70 degree muddy incline, seamlessly without wheel spin, clutch skills mzeiya!! i have ended up going on impromptu off road trips in shaggs though when i got a little enthusiastic trying to drift through corners and found bicycles among other obstacles in the way...

now samaki bado hajaliwa dadii? unangoja?

|d®| said...

2.1 GHZ, Athlon X2, 4000+. Not top of the line, but crunches thru anything quite easily. At work tho, my usual comp has an Athlon 5200+. Super-fast. Feel like taking that joint home sometimes.

Funny, 70-degree incline. Mud is a lot more treacherous, for sure. Hope those bicycles you encountered didn't have people sitting on them. lol!

You got jokes - hajaliwa bado lakini. Working myself into a frenzy; I've developed a nervous tick even, in my right eyelid. Not for much longer tho, I believe. *rubbing hands with glee*

Anonymous said...

kudos...amd is a rebel brand i miss mine.

they did...reason for the excursion. :o)

hehe!! just desserts eh? enjoy!

Farmgal said...

>d that sticker on the car remiinds me of what my friend's kid says. Infact he's staring at the fabulous one (the last pic)right now.
Whenever he sees a nice car he goes like CAR. If it just a kawa auto he doesnt even turn his head. The kid cant even talk! I need to get him one of those stickers.

err did you say someone to do lol

Anonymous said...

I see the cooking (baking in this instance) genes run in the fam....smh!!!

|d®| said...

>Aegeus: Shoot, always had AMD processors. Never regretted it.

And speaking of desserts, I just got invited to a cocktail party. [Feel free to read in-between the lines here.]

>Farmgal: That's wsup! Lil' man can tell the difference between the fast & the.... ordinary, already? That does it - get him a lifetime subscription to Sport Compact Car magazine, now!

>D: Aren't you the funny one. I told you - I can cook; I just don't. Lil' cuz, at 9 years old, is actually quite good, but was trying to cut corners that day.

Just for that I almost wanna bust out my long-neglected cooking skills and throw down. Almost.

Anonymous said...

cookies..cookies..am hungry now!

Farmgal said...

alafu those cookies, I thought they were looking like that pizza you once posted here. :)

|d®| said...

>Neema: Trust me, even bacteria & 'em can't touch those wannabe cookies; they're not biodegradable.

>Farmgal: That crusty pizza?! Shoot, that wasn't even like pizza. It was coal!